S*** I Don’t Understand [Rambles]

Good Afternoon Friends,

Have you ever looked at a blog post and thought, “now what am I going to call you?”. Usually the titles come to me quickly, but this one… not so much. I thought about being artistic and saying “The Many Masks of Me”. But, I don’t feel artistic today. I feel blunt. I feel gritty. I feel worn down and tired. I feel transparent and raw. So it’s just you, me, and my cup of Builder’s tea sitting here discussing shit I just don’t understand. I sat outside today, beginning to let my walls down and a tsunami of emotion came racing in. It’s not that I’m dishonest, but I make it a point of keeping my issues together. People have baggage. Mine just happens to be organized, labeled, and color-coded. I can rationally discuss with you the depths of my mental health issues in a calm tone as if we were discussing the weather. I think it comes from always keeping a very strong face on.


But I’m tired today. I’m sucking down tea like some do beers, just to press on until bedtime. And as such… I tend to get a wee bit more blunt in my speech.

My fingers began to tingle signaling that I had more to get off of my chest. Feel free to click away to a happier blogger talking about makeup… fashion… or saving the world. I won’t mind. No? You’re still here? Alright, then let’s dive in.

  • I don’t understand Littles who claim to be Littles but they don’t do anything in their life to actually regress into the head space. I’ve met so many dominants out there who have had their hearts broken by some two-cent hussies claiming to be Littles because they are rolling around in onesies sucking on a pacifier. Girls, stop. Yes, you’re not women. You’re girls. Children. Women don’t act like whores because they have the maturity to select what dick they want to ride. Girls bounce from dom to dom leaving pain in their wake. Just stop! It’s disrespectful to all of us adults who actually regress in age and live the lifestyle.
  • I don’t understand why men are so nervous about their penis size. I really don’t get it. Unless you have a Vienna sausage between you’re legs… you’re probably good! It’s more about the “motion of the ocean” rather than how big your boat is. Do you feel me? Porn has desensitized men to think that they need to have a giant 12 inch schlong to make a woman scream. Uh… no you don’t! Be who you are. Learn to be good with your hands. Know how to rub a clit well, and pay attention to her body cues. She’ll squirt. Trust me. πŸ˜‰
  • I don’t understand people who are closed minded. I know that I’m a liberal, colorful Little living in California…. but quite frankly I’ve lived all over America and I can tell you that I still don’t understand closed minded people. I don’t get how some people, despite knowing how beautiful, colorful, different, and vast this planet is with hundreds of thousands of cultures, can sit there and say: MY WAY IS THE RIGHT WAY! RAWRRR! No. Get over yourself. Your way is not the only way. End of story. If you keep talking like that you’re just going to piss me off and make me want to dump a bucket of glitter on you.
  • I don’t understand people who say “I’m sorry” when they don’t know what to say. I’ll give you an example. Someone dies. Then, their friend will say, “Did you hear that Jerry died?”. And the other person will say, “Oh no! I’m sorry”. Why are you sorry? Think about it for a moment. What has saying “I’m sorry” ever done to make a person in grief feel better? I have depression. “I’m sorry”. I got arrested. “Oh… I’m sorry”. My dog died. “I’m sorry”. NO! Stop with the “I’m sorry” bull****. If someone is grieving, try this approach: “hey, I’m here for you. I know this is a hard time right now, but if you ever need to talk… or you just want me to sit with you… even if you don’t say anything… I have your back”. Let them know that they aren’t alone. It does wonders.
  • I don’t understand thongs. I understand that men love to see our ass. I understand that some women get all freaked out about pantie lines showing in pants that are the equivalent of cling wrap. But I don’t understand the purpose of a thong. Never in almost 35 years of living have I ever woken up and thought, “Ya know… I want floss up my ass today. That would be comfortable!”. No. If you want to look at my ass, just ask! Otherwise, don’t ever buy me a thong.
  • I don’t understand marijuana. I know! I’m about to get flamed from the cannabis California gods, but hear me out! I’ve tried pot literally once in my whole life. And the one time that I did, I felt stupid! Yes, literally stoned out of my gourd stupid. I thought I had purple fairy wings, I felt sluggish, and everything became hilarious. I just don’t understand the purpose of smoking pot. If you need a drug to “chill out” then, my friend, you have issues that you’re just not dealing with.
  • I don’t understand people who drive like speed demons on the highway. I understand going the speed limit. I understand being a safe driver. But I don’t understand people who race on the highway so fast that it freaks out everyone else and causes horrible accidents that either kill them or someone else. Are you really in that much of a hurry that you need to drive like an ass to get to your destination? And no…. owning a giant truck does not give you the automatic right to speed.
  • I don’t understand the Anti-DDLG movement. Don’t believe that it exists? Look at some of the stuff here, here, and here that exists. When I read this stuff, which isn’t often, I have to rub my forehead. One of these days I’m going to comment on their blogs and say: My name is Penny Berry and I speak on behalf of the Littles! We come in peace! You hate pedophiles… I hate pedophiles.. You want young kids to stay away from DDLG… guess what? Me too! Hey! *high fives*! See? We DO have something in common. I promise you, Anti-DDLG people, we’re much more normal than you think. πŸ˜‰
  • Lastly, I don’t understand people who shame others. Whether you kink-shame, fat-shame, gender-identity-shame… just… stop being an ass! It’s really that simple. Everyone has issues. Everyone has skeletons in their proverbial closet, and odds are REALLY good that if I walked up to one of you ******* and ripped open your closet, there would be something in there to shame you over. But do I do it? No! Why? Because I’m not a prick. πŸ™‚ I’m a Little with manners…. 99% of the time. πŸ˜‰

If you made it this far to the post: you’re awesome! I love you! You rock! And I hope you have a kick-ass day! Sending you so much love and giant hugs, my friends! I’m out! *drops mic*!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx


  1. Another great piece of writing Penny. The part about the anti-DDLG sounded very familiar. In 2016 I had a dispute with my landlord. She came into my apt. one day while I was at work, and took pics of my diapers, rubber pants and baby clothes and other things I had out in the open. She then tried to blackmail me in our dispute by saying, “Do this, or I send these pics to your company and tell them what a sick, pervert pedo you are.”

    I refused to give in to blackmail and I thought she was bluffing. She wasn’t. On Monday morning, my boss and our entire office staff received her email with my pics, along with her saying, “He’s a pedo, he’s a pedo.” Our bookkeeper, who I was friends with, asked me, “Is it true that you wear diapers and poop your pants? This lady says your diapers and baby clothes are a “lure” for children, is this true?”

    I wanted to die.

    About a month later I left that job, one of the best I ever had, unable to face my boss or co-workers. I had underestimated her hate for ABDLs and anyone who is “different.” I will never make that same mistake again.

    Beware, as you cited in this essay, the hate for us runs deep for many people out there, and this mythical “link” between us, and pedophiles persists, despite evidence to the contrary.

    In some ways, we are living in a “new dark age” with plenty of witch-hunters and witch-burners out there, all displaying their superior moral virtue in their righteous cause of “protecting children” from DDLGs and ABDLs.

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    1. *HUGS* Marty!!
      First off, let me say, that is absolutely disgusting, vile, and deeply violating what your landlord did to you. It was not, and will never be okay to blackmail someone like that. People like that will get what’s coming to them, my friend. In the meantime, while I completely understand your need to hold back and keep your guard up, my wish for you is that one day you can march around your home in your ABDL attire with pride and wild abandon. You and I both know that that witch had no right to hurt you. And while she did, and changed your life in many ways, she cannot define your future. March to your own beat, my friend. Never stop being you. You have every right to wear diapers, regress into infancy, and slip into your happy space complete with an adorable 1950’s nursery. Sending you so much love and positive vibes! xx

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  2. I heard the mic drop all the way over here, babygirl. I’m glad you got this out of your system and I agree with what you had to say wholeheartedly. Oh, and yeah, I want to see your ass, no thong required. 😈😏

    I love you. 😘

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  3. “If you need a drug to β€œchill out” then, my friend, you have issues that you’re just not dealing with.” Amen to that. And actually everything you wrote. I love rants and I love yours. I wonder if that’s how you felt when you read my bad doms post. “OMG THIS PERSON IS TOTES REGURGITATING MY FEELINGS THAT I HIDE INSIDE MY BRAIN ALL DAY!” Good stuff, Penny, and totes never feel afraid to speak your mind on WordPress. Because I love it, and I’m sure a lot of us do. Littles and subs need to be heard every once in a while! And so do doms. We do so much to each other. Sometimes…we just need to listen to each other! Omg I love your ranting tone. Pls. Rant to us more. Lolol. Just like…link me all of your rants? Lololol, thank you.

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    1. Hehehehe I DID feel the exact same way with your rant, Kuudere! I swear we are kindred souls ❀ πŸ™‚ I love how you keep it real, and inspire me and countless others to always remain authentic to our feelings. *BIG HUGS* ❀

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