T.M.I. Tuesday- September 24th, 2019

Good Morning Friends,

We’re back with another T.M.I. Tuesday. Before we jump into today’s juicy questions, as always if you’d like to hop on board this collaboration, simply head on over to the T.M.I. Tuesday blog, copy/paste the questions, and share your link with the rest of us on the original post! Alright, now let’s dive into this week’s questions. ❤

1. What makes you insecure?

Gosh…. many things. I get insecure about my hair being in this in-between stage as I grow it out. I get insecure about saying the wrong thing at times. I get insecure if I’m talking to someone and they feel “off” to me. As an empath, I tend to think that I’ve done something wrong when I feel the mood shift in a conversation. It could be totally unrelated to me, but I do get insecure. I get insecure when trying something new that is WAY outside of my comfort zone. But I am getting better about pushing through those insecurities to embrace more self-love and courage. 

2. What do you expect from a romantic love relationship?

Keeping it real with you all… there are a few things that really stand out for me, and one of them is sex. I have a very high libido and a high sex drive. So one thing that I need in a romantic relationship is physical touch. It doesn’t have to be tons of intercourse, but I do need lots of foreplay, physical touch, passion, and overall warmth between my partners and I. I also need 100% honesty and transparency in a relationship. I don’t want to guess what you’re thinking, and I know you don’t want to either. As such, expect me to gush about my feelings and I hope you’ll do the same. It keeps us both on the same wavelength at all times. I also look to see that I genuinely enjoy the persons company. We have to be able to hang out as friends and romantic partners if it’s going to work, because many times, doing “vanilla things” brings a sense of normalcy to the relationship and it’s nice. 🙂

3. What do you expect from a friendship?

In a friendship, I expect loyalty, honesty, trust, and understanding. Or as Kevin Hart (who is one of my favorite comedians) says: My bull**** is your bull****, and your bull**** is my bull****! In other words, have my back and I’ll have yours. I’ll tell you if you’re about to do something incredibly stupid and I trust that you’ll do the same. I’m a very loyal person by nature, so when I befriend someone… you can count on me. ❤

4. What do you expect from a Friends-with-Benefits situation?

Hehehehe! I know Daddy C is smirking right now. Friends with benefits is an interesting set up and I honestly haven’t ever had a strictly “friends with benefits” situation before. If I’m being 100% open here, I’m picky about who I sleep with. Kissing and messing around? Sure, no problem. But sex? Now, hold on boo boo… because that can have consequences. I want to know where and with whom you’ve been with, and I sure as heck hope that you want to know the same! So, I don’t know that I’m emotionally cut out to have a “friends with benefits” type of setup. 🙂

5. What expectations do you have for yourself?

I have to say that I hold myself to a very high standard. I push myself incredibly hard in most everything I do… sometimes to my own detriment. I live by “to do” lists, and I’m a very goal-oriented person. As such, I already have goal projections for the first half of 2020. My expectation is that if I give everything 100%, I won’t regret it if I fail in something. Setbacks happen, but at least I did my best and I can always try again. 🙂

Bonus:   Post one picture (art, photograph, drawing) that depicts how you feel today.

Feeling Hopeful


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