My First Blog-iversary: A Special Free Printable For You!

Good Afternoon Friends!

Today is my first blog-iversary! Yes, one year ago today I began writing here on With a head full of ideas and a heart waiting to share everything with YOU…I came here and began to write. A month into this blog I published my first book: “Big Me, Little Me: A Survival Guide For Littles By Littles”. A few months later I published my first activity book, “The DDLG Busy Book”, which skyrocketed thanks to all of YOU, my amazing friends! Each and every one of you is truly wonderful.

As we head into October, which is the start of the holiday season, today I want to share another free printable with you. This is a Halloween Countdown especially for Littles! All day long I’ve been enjoying Little Space as I create wonderful things to get ready for Halloween. Are you ready to see all of the goodies I have in store today? Then, let’s dive in!

I. Spooky Ghosts and Pretty Punkin Garlands: 

My family and I curled up on the floor drawing, cutting, and making these garlands together. It was an absolute blast. With scissors, construction paper, and a sharpie marker, you have everything you need to make this easy, homemade Halloween craft!



II. Your FREE Printable! 

This Cg/l Halloween Countdown was so much fun to put together. I’ve included 31 items to get you into the Fall mood and set the tone for a spoooooky, great time! I hope you all enjoy it!

Click the image to get your FREE printable! 🙂

Halloween Countdown

III. A Special Thanks: 

Dear Friends,

Thank you all for your love and support as I’ve continued to grow this blog. So many of you have seen me go through up’s and downs on here. But it is YOU, my dear friends, that keeps my fire going. I write these books for you. For our community of varied, beautiful, unique, wonderful, glittery, fantastic Littles and Dominants. It is my honor to fill this space with blog posts that help inspire and uplift you. It is my dream to continue to grow and create workshops for Littles all across America and the world! It is my passion to continue to produce more books (activity and otherwise) for Littles to have resources and tools that are beneficial for your Little Space.

Age regression isn’t always understood. By many it is shunned. But here, in this space, in my corner of the internet, YOU are always welcome. Come as you are. I accept you for you. And I think you’re pretty damn GREAT! Big hugs to all of you. Here’s to many more wonderful years together!!

Much love,

~Penny xx


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