The DDLG Busy Book, Vol. 2 is Live!! [My Published Books]

Good Morning Friends!

I’m so excited to announce that “The DDLG Busy Book, Vol. 2” is live!! Amazon now has the full inside preview of the book live as well, so feel free to browse the table of contents to see all 50 activities and games inside this book designed especially for adult littles! Sending you so much love and hugs on this marvelous Monday!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx



  1. May i ask a question… my Daddy has gifted me with both volume one and two of the DDLG Busy Book. In both books there is a hypothetical question page and in both books the same question is asked and references a universal symbol for out littles…a crown sticker on the hand. Can you please give me more information? i have tried googling but come up with nothing.

    Thank you

    PS. i love the books

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    1. Of course! And thank you so much for purchasing the books!! 🙂 So, the universal symbol for us Littles is a crown. It’s a discreet system where you can put a crown sticker or drawing on your hand while you’re out and about. If you see another person who you think is a little you can go up to them and ask, “I have a little question” and show them your crown. The proper and discreet answer is, “I have a little answer”. If they reply that to you, or know the crown symbol, then tada! You’ve just met another Little and a potential new friend! 🙂 I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Big hugs to you! xx


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