Introducing… Wittle Products Wednesday!

Wittle Products Wednesday

Good Morning Friends!

Happy Wednesday/Hump Day to all of you! Today we’re kicking things off with a new weekly installment called: Wittle Products Wednesday! You all know how I love to keep things economical but cute when it comes to my Little Space. So every Wednesday I’ll be sharing with you a spotlight product designed to make you feel small, but never break the bank! Are you ready to see today’s wittle product? Then, let’s dive in!! 🙂

Today’s Product: Bop-It (Cost: $9.95 USD)


I chose Bop-It as today’s product because many times it can be difficult finding traditional games that only involve two people, but Bop-It certainly ticks all the boxes! It’s cheap, super fun, portable, and has multiple game options. Just follow along on the commands and pass it to your dominant when it says “Pass It!”. You can also do the more difficult “rhythm only” option where you follow along to the commands based upon the sound that it makes only! This is an excellent, silly, fun game that will make you feel Little AND if you want to play it by yourself there’s a solo option too!!

I give this product TWO PAWS UP! 🙂

To Buy “Bop-It” on Amazon click here! 

To Buy “Bop-It” on click here!

To Buy “Bop-It” on click here! 

Stay tuned for next Wednesday’s Wittle Product! And I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx

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