Introducing…. Friendship Fridays! [DDLG Spotlight]

Friendship Spotlight Friday

Good Afternoon Friends!

Happy FRI-YAY!! I am dancing around the house to a new song and feeling good!! If you’re into dance music give it a listen:

Alright! Now that we’ve all twerked and gotten that out of our system, let’s focus on this post’s topic. *winks* YOU! Yes, every Friday I’m going to spotlight a blog that I think rocks and deserves some extra love. Why? Because our community is only strong if we support each other as Littles, Babies, Middles, Daddies, and Mommies! So! Today’s spotlight goes to…..

Empath at DDLG Training and Guide!

If you haven’t been over to their blog, please take a moment to click away and do so. I chose to spotlight their blog for several reasons:


So, today I lift my tea mug to Empath at blog: DDLG Training and Guide! You, Empath, are amazing! Thank you for publishing content for all of us to enjoy. Thank you for helping future submissives, Littles, and dominants learn about what our lifestyle is really like. Thank you for helping to break societal misconceptions about our community, and doing it in a way that is tasteful, thorough, and all in the name of education. YOU ROCK and I’m cheering you on!!

What are you waiting for? 😉 Go head on over there!!

Have a great Friday, my friends!!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx


  1. Those topics Empath focuses on must be based on the central hub of thought for all littles, because I’ve had many concerns about those topics as a little, and from what I heard, so do a lot of others. And Penny, thanks for the spotlight on another wonderful WordPresser!
    *pun most definitely intended*

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