Happy Caturday!! [Writings in Little Space!]


❤ Hi Friends! ❤

I hope you’re having a very happy day. I have declared today as a “Little Me” kind of day!  From the moment I woke up I knew that today was going to be a Little kind of day. First, I snuggled bunches with my Cosmos. He wanted me to tell you “Happy Caturday too” 😉


Then, I went shopping for my DDLG craft supplies! I’m really excited for the slumber party tonight!! I have a really fun arts and crafts project for all of us so stay tuned!!

Then I came home and I had rumblies in my tumbalies. I was hungie!! Like Pooh Bear I wanted to eat, eat, eat! So, I was a big girl and poured myself a bowl of Cheerios! Cheerios makes me feel so Little. Do you like Cheerios?


Oooo! And guess what? I also got pretty princess goldfish at the store! They’re my favorite color… PINK! ❤ What is your favorite color?


Now Cosmos is outside hunting lizards and field mice. He likes to play outside in the sun most of the day and then come in when he’s tired. He loves living here on the farm with us. Lately he has been bringing us “presents” from his hunts. We’ve found 4 maimed lizards (still alive), 1 dead bird, 2 dead mice, and 1 dead butterfly. We got him a brand new scratching post and he is a very happy cat. He also loves snuggles. This morning I was curled up on the couch and he came over, crawled into my arms and passed out. It made me so happy! Do you have any pets?

Now I’m going to go snuggle up and read a book. There’s a gentle breeze coming in from the ocean today that is keeping the farmhouse cool. It’s really nice. I hope you all are having a GREAT day! Keep smiling and know that I’m sending you a GIANT hug!! I’ll write more later!!


~Kitten/Punkin xx


  1. Aww. You’re adorable in and out of littlespace! I hope your poop didn’t turn blue from all the weird pink die! As contradictory as that actually sounds! Idk what poop color pink makes!

    Thanks for giving us a little peep window into your little space. It is wholesome and makes a smile grow in my heart.

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      1. HAHAHAHAHAHA. That’s so cute! It’s almost like staying awake for the tooth fairy to see if she came, lul. RIP. Looks like you must go on an adventure to see what makes your poop pretty! XD LOLOL

        Liked by 2 people

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