Sunday Morning Show and Tell! [Little Space Show & Tell]

Show and Tell Sunday

Good Morning Friends,

I woke up this morning feeling the need to burrow. It’s so cold outside. I feel playful and silly. I feel quiet and happy. I long to run with centaurs and dance away on the train to Hogwarts. Yes, this morning I’m waking up in the Littlest of ways and smiling because it’s Sunday…. and that means we’re kicking off, Sunday Show and Tell! When I was in kindergarten we always had show and tell on Mondays. But Sunday is a lovely day for show and tell. Today, I want to share FIVE songs (because i’m five!) that make me feel Little, happy, and all fuzzy inside. I hope they make YOU feel warm and fuzzy too! Are you ready? Then, let’s jump in! ❤

Song #1: Little Mister Roo 

Song #2: “Pure Imagination” Sung By: Gene Wilder 

Song #3: “What I Am” Sung By: on Sesame Street 

Song #4: “Never Smile At A Crocodile” (Peter Pan) 

Song #5: “Whale of a Tale” (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea) 

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post! I hope you all feel Little, happy, magical, and giggle with glee! I hope these videos made you smile. Seize the day and move through it being kind to yourselves, and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx


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