Come Meet My Friend, Kit! [Spotlight Interview]

Good Morning Friends,

It’s always a joy and honor when I make a new friend, and today’s post is all about my new friend, Kit. As I’ve gotten to know Kit, she and I are alike in so many ways. She is a wonderful woman who happens to be a veterinarian. I… well, I’m not a vet lol but I do love animals! 😉 She is a gamer, and I am a gamer! She turns her kitchen into a mad scientist lab when cooking and so do I. She hails from China and I…. well, I lovingly call myself an “egg” because I have dreamed a time or two about wishing I was Asian with stunning silky, black hair… creamy cocoa skin… and beautiful oval eyes. Yes, I admit that as an Irish-American Caucasian woman, while I am proud of my heritage, I am absolutely in love with learning about Asian cultures. ❤ Kit has an absolute heart of gold, and her blog will intrigue you with every post.

I had the pleasure of interviewing her recently and now I get to share that knowledge with all of YOU! Please be sure to hop on over to her blog, smash that follow button, and show her some love. ❤ Are you ready to meet Kit? Then, let’s dive in!


The Basics:

The name you prefer to be called: Kit

Preferred pronouns: she

D/s Relationship status: currently exploring

Your website:

How you identify within BDSM: submissive for now


Background Information:  

Question #1: I was really moved by your latest blog post about Gru. Would you mind sharing more details about your journey to America?

Aww…thank you Penny.

Hummm…It took my parents around 6 years to get my green card approved, so when I was finally allowed to immigrate to America, I was about 11. It was a terrifying time yet exciting experience for me. Everything was pretty much an unknown. New living arrangements with my parents. New set of house rules, had to learn to do chores for the first time. New language of course but school had ESL program so that made the transition a bit easier. I didn’t have much problem making friends, one of the friends I made back then is still my best friend now. Food…wasn’t that bad of a change, although there are specific foods that I’d miss around certain Chinese holidays. School was relatively easy. I was blown away at how easy going all the teachers were with their students. Do like the fact we have cars and can drive to places instead of taking public transportation. What else…oh took me around two years to get settled and used to everything including language. Since I came here at an optimal time to acquire a new language, I am fluent in both English and Chinese, although I sometimes speak Chinglish when I get anxious or agitated haha.

Question #2: I know that much of your blog revolves around your career as a veterinarian. How long did it take you to become a vet? And what inspired you to go into the profession?

Four years of vet school after undergrad. Became a full fledged vet at 27. Always had pets growing up. Not cats and dogs though, but birds, bunnies, turtles, fish, tadpoles, bugs, ants, and the list went on. Didn’t realize that I wanted to be a vet until I was a senior in high school. Was planning to major in art, but I had an early life crisis and changed my career path. Figured I was strong in math and science and I love animals, veterinary medicine was the logical route to take. Think 20-25% of my blog contents are vet related. 50% are mostly my random thoughts. 20-25% D/s related. And a few travel/food blog. Haha

Question #3: Do you have any secret (or favorite) recipes that you’d like to share with us?  

Hummmm…now that you asked. I actually don’t. I am currently at experimental phase with cooking where I’d turn my kitchen into a mad scientist’s lab. I look up recipes online usually and I combine that with my previous exposure of cooking for my parents and watching my nanny cook. Eventually I’ll have my set recipe when I have more time…life long project type of thing.


Gamer Questions:

Question #1:  I know that you and your hubby have played video games together. How did you meet? What games did you play together? And what are your current favorite games?

We actually met through an undergrad course together. World history to be exact. He was a history buff. Me? I slept through that class most of the time lol. I later transferred to another school and started our long distance relationship that lasted for about 6-7 years. Games we would play during those time include Maplestory, Perfect World, and Eden Eternal. After I moved in with hubby, we played some single player games. He loves watching me play Skyrim and Zelda especially. For a while, we played co-op games too like Terraria, Stardew Valley, and Ark survival evolved (think I wrote a blog on that particular game). Oh, least I forget, we played MOBA games like LOL and Smite. I am horrible at those games, too steep of a learning curve. Hubby is a lot better at those. Currently hubby is playing Fire Emblem three houses, I am still on Zelda BOTW. Oh we just got untitled goose game. It looks like a really interesting puzzle game!

Question #2: Have you ever role played on a video game? And if so, which ones?

Hummmm…actually roleplaying as my character…feel like when I was playing MMORPG, it was a little hard for me to role play as my character. Think I was more goal oriented like getting certain numbers of monsters killed for this quest or gather certain amount of material for another. I tend to get impatient with NPC’s dialogue and was never immersed in the game storyline. Having said that, my strongest sense of role play actually comes from Ark. Because I was trying to survive in this world filled with dangerous dinosaurs without any clear direction. I get to make my own tools and build my own houses and base. I love to tame dinosaurs and utilize them to help me navigate around the world and so on. The whole game is really immersive and I get to play it with hubby and our friends on private servers. So I can pretty much be myself with trusted individuals without encountering other unwanted strangers.

Question #3: Do you feel that D/s relationships can flourish in the online video game setting? Why or why not?

Yes! Very much so. Just as we can meet other dominants and submissive here on wp and develop deep meaningful relationships, a D/s relationship can flourish in an online setting as well. Online gaming provides an added layer of stimulation in a fun creative way. Take Ark for example. It has always been a dream of mine to have a BDSM specific server. Inviting D/s gamer couples to build our own ideal base would be awesome. Since you get to build your own thing and such…whips, chains, cages and cuffs are total possibility in Ark. Just saying =3

Question #4: What are some nerdy/gamer things you love to do with your dominant or partner?

Other than gaming together, we love watching anime together. During our long distance relationship, we’d have our anime date nights. We would watch anime at the same time and comment to each other during or after the show. Just make sure you start the episode at the same time and hope that the internet does not drop on either of you. Now that we are physically together, we are kind of joint at the hip when it comes to gaming and anime. It’s just part of our normal routine.

Question #5: Do you watch any anime or read any manga? If so, which ones would you recommend?

Watched a lot of anime not so much manga. There are so many anime to recommend… be prepared!

  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Death Note
  • Code Geass
  • Shield Hero
  • Magis Bride
  • Rosario plus vampire
  • Soul Eater
  • Cowboy Bebob
  • Wolf Rain
  • Hero Academy
  • Bleach
  • Food Wars
  • 7 Deadly Sins
  • Saint Seiya
  • Assassination Classroom
  • That Time I got reincarnated as a Slime
  • Naruto
  • Inuyasha
  • Ippo
  • Rurouni Kenshin
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Doraemon
  • Fruits Basket
  • My Hero Academy
  • Monster Musume
  • Fairy Tail
  • One Piece
  • Sword Art Online

Think that will be it for now lol. Feel like I am still missing a lot but that will keep readers new to anime busy for a loooooong time. Go on crunchyroll for your anime needs. Netflix now has a pretty good selection too.

Question #6: What are some of your favorite online kawaii/gamer stores?

Hummmm…I don’t really specifically go online for kawaii things. There is a local mall 20 mins away from us that stock a lot of cutesy Japanese products. Hubby would take me there some time to get my kawaii and matcha ice cream fix.


Little/ DDlg Questions:

Question #1: How do you identify on the Cg/l spectrum? (Little, Middle, Adult Baby, Babygirl, Princess, Brat, Kitten, etc.)

Hummm…this is an area that I have not fully thought about. I know there is a little girl in me. And she comes out to play when she is at ease. I don’t really identify with any age per se. Hard to explain. Give me legos and I’d be all giddy. Take me to a Pixar movie and I’d be super excited. Going to the zoo? Heck yeah! Think kid at heart describes me the best. I don’t want to lock down to one age group or one part of little. It limits the fun for me a little bit.

Question #2: What are some of your favorite things to do in Little Space?

Artsy stuff like coloring books, origami, play-doh, macrame. Puzzles! I love puzzles! Puzzle games, plastic model kits, legos.

Question #3: How did you come to learn that you enjoy age regression? And how would you describe your Little Space? (kink or non-sexual)

This will be completely non-sexual. I am always kid at heart. Give me any of above mentioned things to do, and I’ll be occupied for hours. Playing games and watching anime? No problem. Think that’s my natural state of mind when I am at ease. It’s when I have to do adult stuff like cooking, cleaning, working, and paying bills that I get pulled away from my happy place.

In terms of my personality…now to really think of it. I have this kawaii little side of me that only comes out with hubby. My voice would change and my tone would change. It kind of tugs at hubby’s heart and he thinks it’s very cute and endearing. Don’t think I’ve ever showed that side to Gru though…odd…probably he won’t get it since he is a bit of a southern gentleman type of guy haha!


Question #1: Are there any other comments or thoughts that you would like to share with me and everyone? 😊 (** This is your spotlight! **)

Humm very open ended question.

Well currently Gru and I are working on a car battery project. He is walking me through how to jump start, recharge, and maintain a car battery. I am mentioning this because I have an ever curious mind for just about anything. Sky is the limit pretty much. Since Gru is really good with mechanics, he is remotely helping me with things I have no prior knowledge of. In my mind it’s a really cool father-daughter bonding experience that I really, really enjoy =)



    1. Totally agree. I really liked going through those questions.

      We don’t have much time these days to really sit down and play MMO. Hubby just got a new job that requires him away from home 13-14 hours a day. So I am picking up the slack at home when I have my time off…one day we’ll get there.

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