Tiny Talk Tuesday: Oct. 8th, 2019th

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Hi Friends!!

We’re back with another Tiny Talk Tuesday! This weekly post is a question and answer blog post where I post up Cg/l related topics and you give me your thoughts in the comments! Chat with each other and make new friends! Last week we examined Couples Halloween Costumes: Hot or Not. This week’s theme is….

Topic: Fall 2019 Fashion Trends! 

Yes, I’m not the type of Little to strut myself down the runway but sometimes I’m baffled that the things that are currently trends! So below you’re going to find 5 fashion trends that are just everywhere this season, and I want to hear from YOU! Comment below, is it hot…. or not?! Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in!

2019 Fashion #1: Micro-Bags…. HOT or NOT? 



2019 Fashion #2: Lavender… everything! HOT or NOT? 


2019 Fashion #3: Capes as Outerwear…. HOT or NOT? 



2019 Fashion #4: Feathers head to toe!… HOT or NOT? 


2019 Fashion #5: Statement Hats…. HOT or NOT? 


Bonus: 2019 Fashion #6: Gold Everywhere!… HOT or NOT? 


Let the comments commence!! ❤ xx


  1. Alright let’s do this:

    #1: Micro-Bags: How impractical is this? What can I put in this $700 bag? Half a sandwich? Hell no.
    #2: Lavender… everything!: Ya know, not too shabby on lavender. But then again, I do like the color family 😀
    #3: Capes as Outerwear….: Hmmm…unless I’m living in Gotham city or in Smallville, no thanks.
    #4: Feathers head to toe!…: *cue Chicken sounds* nope! Nope! nope!
    #5: Statement Hats….: I’m liable to get escorted out of premises with these hats! Nope!
    #6: Gold Everywhere!…: Maybe if I’m visiting Fort Knox. Otherwise, nope!

    Wow…these are…real trends? Uncanny ;D

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  2. #1: Microbags: No!! Especially not at the cost of them.
#2: Lavender everything: No. not as an all outerwear, but lavender corsets and lingerie…yeah, that I can get behind
#3: Capes as outerwear: Sure, as long as it looks good on the person.
#4 Feathers: No!
#5 Statement Hats: Sure. Being from the South, I can remember a time when women wore hats out to dress up their outfits. Old fashioned in a way, but definitely doable.
#6 Gold everything: Hell no!!!

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