Why I’m a Kitten (in Other Words, Embracing Your Little Type!)

Good Morning Friends,

I wanted to curl up this morning and just write to you. Recently I was having a conversation with Daddy C when I explained to him why I was definitely not a princess… or an angel…. or anything else super “fluffy”. That got me thinking about why I am a Kitten. But let’s rewind a bit. Hi! Good Morning! 🙂 How are you, my friend? I hope you’re having a wonderful day. For those new to my blog, welcome! *BIG HUGS* to you. I’m so glad you’re here. Smash that follow button to get daily posts from me.

Today I want to examine my journey of embracing my own Little style and why I’m a Kitten.

When I first got into Cg/l, my ex-dominant used to call me princess. Now, for some, this name is something they cherish deeply. I’m a firm believer that the name you give your submissive should be something that resonates with them. Make sure that it fits who they are at their core. Obviously in my first D/s relationship, the connection wasn’t fully there. If it had been, he would have known that I am not a Princess. I’m a cat!

Well, a kitten.

Now, unlike those images floating around Google, that suggests that kittens are horny littles who scratch and claw everything and go into heat on the regular… personally that’s not why I identify as a Kitten.

I. I Love to Snuggle: 

When it comes to my “off” time, I fit that song to a “T”. Which song, you ask? This one!


Snuggles are one of my favorite activities to do when I want to unwind or reconnect. I crawl into my pajamas, pull out a fuzzy blanket, and snuggle up. However, much like a cat, sometimes I want to snuggle while other times I’m far too wiggly!

II. I Adore Primal Play: 

When I’m in the primal mindset, I suspend my imagination to completely embody the role of a kitten. I nip at fingers. I see my whiskers, tail, and fur in my mind’s eye. I love to play and the world becomes curious to me. I want to explore! I want to go outside and romp around the farm. I love becoming almost non-verbal and just enjoying the playful spirit of a kitten.

III. I Burrow When I Sleep: 

Some people hug a pillow. Others sleep with the covers completely off to stay cool. Me? I burrow into a hole! I turn all of my covers into a giant burrito and then I slip down inside my cover-cocoon and pass out. In my hammock, which is already a burrito, I have a sleeping bag and a comforter that I nestle inside. It’s heavenly. Cats like hidey holes to rest in. I like my sleeping bag. 🙂

IV. I Don’t Like Water on My Face: 

It’s true. Just like Cosmos, I don’t like my face getting wet either. I’ll deal with it. But I really don’t like being splashed in the face. It completely throws off my senses. Is that weird? lol.

V. Overall I’m an Obedient Kitten: 

All in all I try to be a good Kitten. Why? Well, for several reasons. Both of my partners are not afraid to clamp the back of my neck and (like the tiny kitten that I am!) put me back on the right track when I get too feisty. Daddy C is my lion. He especially knows how to punish me. There was one time, in person, where I was teasing with him. I was poking my Lion over and over being playful but in a bratty way. He slowly turned his head and gave me “the look”. I squealed and hid my face in the bed giggling. I quickly fell back in line hehe! I love that he knows how to command me with a firm hand.

Around my house, Hubby takes a more relaxed yet still commanding approach to our family. While I could go and do what I want, I don’t. For the past 7 years I’ve defaulted to him as the head of the household (or haligi ng tahanan in Tagalog). Having more traditional roles in our family works for us.

VI. Why I Sign My Name the Way I Do: 

If you notice, on every blog post I sign ~Kitten/Punkin xx. This is because I began my journey as a Kitten, and Daddy C gave me the name Punkin. It honors who I am inside as a playful, happy cat (and the name that hubby gave to me years ago), as well as my sweet, Southern side like Punkin Pie!

So there you go! That’s why I’m a Kitten. 🙂 What name are YOU called by your dominant? Did you choose it or did they? Comment and let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. And I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx


  1. My sweet Kitten…*gently cradles your chin lifting your gaze to mine*. Thank you for always being such a good Kitten. I love how playful you are. I love snuggling with you always. I love tucking you in at night and rocking you to sleep while you’re burrowed. I can’t wait to do what we’ve planned specially. ❤

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  2. See?! I think you hit the nail on the head, Jodie. I have a preconceived notion too that “Princess” denotes a Little who is bratty and demanding, two qualities that I never exhibit with my Daddy. Excellent comment! It totally made me smile ❤ 🙂 xx

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  3. Primal play is a big part of Wolfie and me, too. I bite him (lightly) if I want attention or pets and I scratch during sex, which he loves. Snuggles (“Snugs”) are something I simply demand and I lay across his lap a lot. I am bratty and mischievous but deeply sensitive, too. My bratty nature comes from a place of fun, love and warmth, nothing else 🙂

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  4. This was a great post. You’re definitely a feisty little kitten, and that feistiness is one of the things that attracted me to you. I love the challenge of taming your inherent feisty nature. It so rewarding in many ways. Still, just the same, you’ll always be my Punkin’!

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