Hello My Name is Cosmos… the Pirate! [Story Time]

Once upon a time there was a bi-color cat named Cosmos. He lived on a farm near a school where he would roam around, watching the children play. One day Cosmos was terribly hungry. The people at the school didn’t feed him, so he wandered over to the farm in search of some food. The chickens that littered the 5 acre farm mostly ignored the slinking cat who was on the hunt for gopher… mouse… or lizard. Instead, a little girl found him and offered him a bowl of milk. One bowl turned to two, and the next thing he knew, the family of three had unofficially adopted him welcoming the cat into their home.

Cosmos the Cat 🙂 

This home wasn’t like most homes. It was a magical home filled with a little girl who had a heart for animals… an Adult Little/Mama Wolf who loved to feed the small cat… and a giant Daddy Wolf who watched over the tiny feline just in case it got into trouble. Days flew by, and like all things in life, there was good… and there was bad. An edict had been issued across the farm that all felines must sleep out in the cold! There could not be any roaming creatures in any of the homes whatsoever! Tears were shed. Uncertainty grew about Cosmos’ future, but the family of three worked hard to care for their four pawed friend.

They built a small home on the porch of their house and insulated it for the winter even putting a heating blanket inside. They got a scratching post for Cosmos to flex his claws upon. (He enjoyed that very much!). And they showered him with seafood-flavored treats and lots of snuggles. While the Evil Queen would watch from her castle, the family of three would secretly slip Cosmos inside their tiny home when the weather turned cold. But alas, fear grew in their hearts. They didn’t want to break the rules. So Cosmos began sleeping outside. The weather grew colder.

Until one night it grew so cold and dark that a meow came from right outside of their front door. “That’s him!” the Adult Little said racing to the door. She’d know that meow anywhere. Defying the edict and slipping inside in the dead of night, the cat silently strolled into their home to warm himself and get a bit of food. And so while the stars are overhead and the farm lies still in the night, Cosmos slinks (like a pirate) into the care of his unofficial owners. He nibbles a bit and leaves before the break of dawn. He is wild and untamed. He is loved and nurtured for the cosmic creature that he is. And the family of three… secretly knows that they are really a family of four. 🙂 ❤

Have a wonderful night, everyone!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx


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