35 Things I’ve Learned on My 35th Birthday… [Happy Birthday Rambles]

Good Morning Friends,

The day has finally come! It’s officially my birthday! A simple tradition that I do every year is to reflect upon my growth as a person. I make goals for the coming year. And I take time to think about the lessons I’ve learned through good times and bad. When I was younger, my parents used to tell me: “you just don’t understand, yet. You haven’t climbed high enough in the Great Tree of Life”. I would get so irritated thinking that I knew something they didn’t, only to look back years later and chuckle. I was a bit hard-headed when I was younger. I learned by stumbling along and making plenty of mistakes. I didn’t have the wisdom because I hadn’t matured and climbed up the Great Tree. Now I’m a few branches higher in life. Here’s what I know to be my personal truth:

Birthday calories never count! 😉


  1. Time is sacred. Cherish time as the most precious commodity. It is worth more than all the gold and money in the world.
  2. Happiness is cultivated from within. It cannot be bought. It cannot be found in a connection with another person. True happiness begins within, and when we are happy, we can spread joy to the people around us.
  3. Love is the most mysterious feeling of all. Sometimes it’s intense and burning like the smoldering sun. Other times it’s a dying flame that is finally snuffed out. But every chance to experience love is a moment to cherish because there is a lesson to learn.
  4. Don’t fear death. It’s a part of the great cycle of life. Without death we cannot fully appreciate the fragile nature of life.
  5. Always tell the truth. Lying is especially difficult to keep up with. It destroys from within. The truth may be painful, but lying is far more painful.
  6. Everyone has fat. I’ve seen skinny people get sick and die. I’ve seen fat people live to be 100. Fat doesn’t not shape who you are. Strive to be healthy and love yourself from the inside out.
  7. Sex is the most intimate, binding act you can do with someone. It won’t kill you to break things off with a sexual partner. But there is a reason that it does hurt. Choose your partners wisely.
  8. Don’t be afraid of change. Change can be scary. It can make you lose sleep at night. It can make you think fret over things. But change is necessary for personal growth.
  9. Know when to hold onto someone in life, and know when to let go. If someone is uplifting your life and is a force of positivity, hold onto them. Life is too short to stay in toxic, draining relationships.
  10. Your children will always be your children no matter how old they get, no matter where they live, and no matter how much (or little) you raised them.
  11. Embrace another person’s differences with compassion. There is room on the planet for all of us. Let’s try to get along versus placing judgment on each other.
  12. Everyone is a walking book of stories, life lessons, and wisdom to share. Get to know a stranger and you’ll soon make a friend. ❤
  13. Take the time to leave 10 minutes early for every appointment. Then you will never need to speed while you drive. Your life, or someone else’s, is never worth losing just because you’re in a hurry.
  14. Drink water. Preferably 8 glasses a day and especially after having sex. You need to rehydrate after every cardio activity. Giving your submissive a drink of water is an especially loving way to provide aftercare. (I learned this from a wonderful dominant-friend of mine!). 😉
  15. Having a mental health issue does not make you “broken” or a “monster”. We all have baggage. We all have needs. Your mental heath is an illness that deserves tender, loving care by a team of medical professionals. Seek help. I promise you that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Never stop fighting to heal.
  16. It’s okay for your family to be a circle of people who are not blood related to you. Your biological family may not always be the healthiest people to be around. Place yourself with people who have your best interests’ at heart and who has your back.
  17. Don’t have more than 1 credit card. Though it may be tempting, credit is a fancy word for debt. Save your money for a rainy day and for when you need it most.
  18. Live the life that you truly dream of. If you’re not living the life that you desire, take baby steps to work towards that.
  19. Express yourself in your own authentic way. For some it is through poetry. For others it’s art. Others turn to music. Find your voice and let it shine to the world.
  20. Rape is any non-consensual sexual act against you. It doesn’t matter if it’s your spouse, partner, friend, or stranger. No means no and should ALWAYS be honored.
  21. A true, healthy dominant will always be one who is continually learning from people in the BDSM community. Like life, we should always be striving to learn more each day.
  22. LGBTQIA+ is an acronym that every person should be familiar with whether you identify with the community or not. Never judge someone based upon their sexuality. Choose to be a proud ally!
  23. Every person will have an opinion on how you should raise your child. But only YOU know what is best for your child. Trust your gut. That is your Believe in yourself as a parent and raise them to the very best of your ability.
  24. Not every woman was meant to breastfeed. Not every woman was meant to deliver their babies naturally. Honor the mother with how she wants to take care of her body along with her newborn.
  25. You are never too old to be an Adult Little. Littles don’t really age, our biological gap and our Little Age simply gets slightly farther apart with each passing year. That’s all. 😊
  26. Don’t get too glued to social media. All the filters in the world doesn’t make someone “beautiful”. True beauty lies in the heart, not on the hips.
  27. One of the most difficult lessons to learn is patience. Have patience with people. Have patience in queue. Have patience in class. Have patience with your partner. Giving patience is a true act of love and understanding. The world needs more patience.
  28. Rock out to the music that moves your heart. Dance like nobody’s watching. Sing at the top of your lungs. Let it all out. It feels so good when you do.
  29. Give thanks for the food on your plate. You never know when you might one day go hungry. The person digging through the trash can may be a highly educated person who has fallen on hard times. Pay it forward and feed someone in need.
  30. An education is invaluable. The world can strip you down to the clothes on your back. But they can’t take away an education from you. Nurture your mind and learn something new each and every day.
  31. Physical violence is never, ever the answer. If someone hits you…. Leave. Leave and never look back. The fear of the unknown is less scary than lying in bed for days with ice packs all over your body.
  32. The intrusive thoughts of suicide are the brain’s way of feeling exasperated and in need of help. I know the song is loud. I know the thoughts are deadly clear and the image in your mind is vivid. But never give in. Fight the urge with everything you’ve got. Life is far too precious to throw away.
  33. Don’t allow yourself to be jaded by life. We all have battle scars. We will all deal with heartbreak. We will all deal with loss. Choose to lift your chin and have hope. Have faith. Have heart and courage. You can do it. I believe in you.
  34. Express yourself in a way that feels right to your soul. Wear your hair how you’d like. If you want to shave your hair off, do it! If you want to wear rainbow clothing, rock on! Be yourself, because that is enough. Celebrate who you are. 😊
  35. Make goals for yourself and work your butt off to reach them. They will give you purpose, drive, and a reason to fight and become the best you that you can be.

Thank you all for following my blog. Thank you for reading my posts, and journeying with me both as a Little and as a human being. You all are truly amazing. Here’s to many more years together.

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx



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