In Your Arms [Poetry]

** Good Morning Friends! This is a short poem I felt moved to write this morning holding Cosmos. I cherish little moments like this. Don’t forget that tomorrow is daylight savings and we get an extra hour of sleep! Weee!! XOXO ~Penny ** 

“Yeah, I live for… little moments… like that”. ❤ (Cosmos and I this morning). 

In your arms I am safe.

I am loved, and I feel your warmth.

In your arms I am nestled, secure and unharmed.

Your body protects me from the world at large,

Your eyes bore into mine.

Two souls dance together as one,

as our energy flows into one another.

Unlike many I don’t see the color of your skin.

I don’t judge the style of your clothes.

I don’t see the person you mate with,

or the way you wear your hair.

With you, I feel the good… the pure… the love.

With you I see compassion and humility.

A creature of the cosmos I purr against your chest,

Giving my gratitude and thanks.

But I know deep down that the feeling is mutual,

We help one another through life’s cold, dreary days.

With you I am secure.

Not a pet.

A person.

A family member.

With you, we are one.


  1. My Thomas has started his breakfast and is now busy investigating whatever it is that a 2 year old Sagittarius cat needs to investigate at 0700 on a Sunday morning.

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      1. I had Cheyenne for 15 years and she was my angel through hell and coming through the worst of PTSS. I miss her heaps. I love Thomas and have only had him since January. I have found out how different animals have very different personalities. Thomas ain’t too concerned about my personal discoveries… No matter how slow 🤣🦉

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  2. 😯🤗😊 oh my God, that was so full of love. I’m a bit morbid. How old is Cosmo? One day, when my Daddy’s dog died, it made me feel scared to get a pet companion. But then…I remembered that it doesn’t matter how long anyone lives in our lives. What matters is that they were THERE.

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    1. Thank you! We’re not exactly sure how old Cosmos is, but from his demeanor and habits we’re estimating between 1 to 2 years. It’s wonderful to have a pet so loving, he brings so much happiness in our life!


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