The Cookie That Rekindled Little Me [Kitten’s Rambles]

Good Morning Friends,

Last night I had the most wonderful experience making sugar cookies with my kiddo. It was something so simple and easy with ingredients we already had on hand. But it tapped into my Little side in a way I didn’t expect. But, let’s start from the beginning. I am notorious for loving my tea time. I only let several days go by before I need to whip up a new treat to have on hand for our afternoon tea hour. It’s that quiet moment where my now-tween age daughter knows that the house is to remain quiet and peaceful for a solid 60 minutes. I turn of soft music and just relax. But it’s something that the whole family can enjoy as we sip on a warm beverage and nibble on a home-baked good. If I’m being totally honest, each member of my eclectic family has their own preferences. My daughter fancies a cup of hot cocoa made with water, topped with extra whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon. (She’s a foodie like her Mama 😉 ). My husband fancies green tea with honey. And I prefer black tea with 3 teaspoons of agave nectar and a splash of half and half. But I digress.


When I mentioned to my daughter that it was time to bake up another tea time treat her eyes sparkled. It had been a bit since I felt Little, so I wasn’t expecting that part of me to feel “alive” inside. But there we were in the kitchen side by side. I was calling out the ingredients and measurements, while her small hands poured the dry ingredients into the stand mixer. I smiled watching her add in the wet ingredients, taking a moment to lick a drop of escaping melted butter. I used to do the same thing. My lips curled upwards at her. Isn’t it wonderful, those little moments in life like licking the spoon clean of homemade cookie batter, that make life just a little bit more magical?

Her hands put a splash of vanilla into the bowl, taking a moment to inhale its scent. The smell of vanilla is clean, welcoming, and comforting. Finally it was time to pull the batter together. On went the stand mixer and her eyes sparkled, watching everything get mixed together. She lifted herself on her tiptoes to peer over into the bowl and I suppressed a giggle. She’s very short like me. “Mama, it’s coming together!!” she squealed. I took our rubber-tipped spatula and scraped the dough from the sides of the bowl before passing her the spoon to lick like a lollipop.


I rolled the cookie dough into tiny balls, coating the outside of each with a bit of powdered sugar. It was a repetitive, but quiet, comforting activity. I, too, sneaked bits of dough into my mouth and felt “Little Me” dance with delight. Filling up two baking sheets, I popped them into the oven for exactly 10 minutes. Several minutes rolled by and our tiny home filled with the most glorious smells of vanilla, sugar, and butter. My daughter and I smiled at each other salivating as we waited for the timer to ding.


At last the timer went off and we sprang from the couch to pull the cookies from the oven. Seeing her precious face made the moment perfect. Feeling the little me inside squeal with glee, made the moment that much sweeter. Sometimes all it takes is a sugar cookie to sprinkle a dash of magic upon your day. I hope you all have a beautiful Thursday, and keep on smiling!


Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx


If you’re interested in making these cookies too, here is the recipe courtesy of food blogger “Life, Love, and Sugar”:


  1. So sweet! I hope the cookies go well with your tea 🙂 I always buy chocolate chip digestives from Tesco here in the UK. They’re neither a chocolate covered digestive, nor a plain digestive. A compromise 🙂

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