Why I Roleplay Online to Enhance Little Me…[Nerdy Littles]

Good Morning Friends,

How are you? Are you doing well? Over here in America we are inching ever closer to Thanksgiving and that means the grocery stores are filling with pumpkin-everything and there are pictures of turkeys on every wall. Personally, I already stocked up on my annual tofurkey vegan roast courtesy of Trader Joe’s complete with mushroom gravy. But I digress. As the weather is getting colder, I find myself burrowing inside more. I brew a cup of tea and I…. roleplay! Yes, today I invite you into the world of online roleplaying games where you can create an online character and become anything you wish to be. As an adult little and an avid video gamer, today I’d like to share with you how I use online video games to enhance my inner little. As always, these experiences are my own. Every roleplayer is drastically different, but it is my hope that the games below inspire and help give you ideas to create your own wonderful memories. Now, let’s dive in!


I. Guild Wars 2:

I am a roleplayer on a video game called Guild Wars 2. It is an online video game with no monthly subscription. That said, you can enhance your character by purchasing items from their gem store. When I first entered the world of Tyria, it was nothing like I had ever experienced before. Out of the five available races to play, I chose to roll a human female. I wanted something that was visually as I envisioned my character in my mind’s eye. So, I created Meadowshy Quinn. She was an engineer. A tinkerer with a rebellious spirit. She was a girl who never settled for the status quo, and longed to sail the high seas with her fellow crew and pirate family.

When you roleplay online, you use the game features to “act out” how your character would be. You type in chat things that your character is feeling and thinking. You move your character around (using the walk feature) along with elaborate emotes that give a further indication of their body language. You can /cower, /gasp, or /cheer. Your character will then move appropriately to the emotion that they’re feeling. But why I love Guild Wars 2 so much is because over the 5 years that I’ve been playing it, I have utilized the in-game world as a sandbox for my own stories. Playing with my husband and friends, The Black Citadel suddenly became Black Rock Academy (a martial arts school complete with a dojo area). Bars in Divinity’s Reach (the main human city) were given names within our RP circle. Roads were given names. Towns came alive with experiences that we shared there. They even have instance areas where you can have whole towns to yourself without other players interfering in your role play area!

Yes, Guild Wars 2 has an incredible landscape for you to design and make it your own. Over time, I began to create characters that were Little. I would give their age and then channel my inner Little into these characters. If I wanted to eat pancakes for dinner, I could go down to the restaurant and roleplay out doing so! If I wanted to skydive, my Little side would come squealing out with glee as I leaped off a cliff and watched my glider open to carry me across the land. My little side wasn’t impaired by things being online. If anything, it made it more convenient to be Little online, especially on the days where I couldn’t have a full-blown play session. Instead, I can log on, RP for a set amount of time and be happily little, then log off and just be my adult self.


II. World of Warcraft

It has always been my experience that WoW is a much more social game than Guild Wars 2. I spent years playing WoW before I finally made the permanent switch to GW2. (I should note here that I did choose to move over prior to Blizzard scaling down zones and capping everyone at 50 again. So my experiences come from playing The Burning Crusade all the way to the Legion expansion).

Now, when it comes to RP in a video game, Blizzard created a world where every roleplayer could skip across Azeroth without a care in the world. You can sit in chairs. You can share a meal (or a picnic love basket!) and you can even ride on your friend’s mount. (Ahhh flying… how I miss you!). They created holiday events that were interactive and really got you in the festive mood. And yes, there are slutty outfits galore for RPers to get giddy over. But what I cherished from the many, many years that I roleplayed there was just how big the RP community was. Personally, I played on Moon Guard, Wyrmrest Accord, and Thorium Brotherhood servers. Moon Guard was always busy with public RP at any given time of the day. There was always a new face to meet in the taverns or just strolling about in the city. As a female blood elf (For the Horde!) I would hang around Silvermoon City and see what mischief I could stumble into. It’s where I got my “feet wet” on the daily, mingling with other RP guilds and eventually creating my own. WoW also has a zillion add-on’s to help roleplayers share their character’s backstory, put in a roleplay name for their character, and indicate if you are in character or out. It’s pretty epic and I highly recommend it for new roleplayers.

One final point I’d like to mention about WoW and being a Little is that there are many game features that Littles would enjoy. If you’re a Kitten (like me!) you can be a feral druid and transform into a cat. If you want to wear bunny ears, the Easter event gives those annually! If you want to be physically tiny in comparison to your dominant, you can create an adorable gnome! The possibilities are really endless in this game.


III. Summary:

While I have roleplayed in other games (Final Fantasy 11 and 14) too, these two games above are the main ones where I have spent years being all kinds of different characters and participating in grand adventures. How you spend your time as an adult little is entirely up to you. I will always say to “move as the spirit moves you”. If you enjoy video games, then I hope this post was informative and gave you some ideas to get you going. There are plenty of other games out there where littles RP at online. Again, these are just my own experiences. I hope that you always remain true to who you are as a Little. Be your own unique self whether you’re a gaming nerd or not! 😊

I hope you all have a beautiful Tuesday! Stay tuned for more fun posts. Smash that like button if you enjoyed this and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten/Punkin xx

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