Tea and Love Notes [Happy Ramblings]

Good Morning Friends,

Every morning I begin my day with a cup of tea. Every single day. It might be green tea with honey, or if I’m feeling in the mood for some extra pleasure, I have a cup of black tea with cream and agave nectar. Ever since hubby and I have been journeying back together as D/s we have begun a new little tradition: tea and love notes. I say “we” but really it is him that has started this little note of surprise each morning. For years I was the one who would wake up early, cooking the family breakfast. Our mornings would fly by in a flurry of making sure everyone was fed before we went off to start our respective days.

But now things are different.

We eat our breakfast with intention, and in this mindset Daddy began writing little love notes that he sticks to my tea cup. This all began after we re-watched one of our favorite Filipino movies, “It Takes a Man to Love a Woman”. (If you haven’t seen it, please do. John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo are amazing actors!). In the movie, Sarah’s character would stick little notes to make her boss smile and feel loved. So, too, does my sweet husband/Daddy stick notes to my tea cup to make me feel loved and smile.

So I wanted to open up this sacred part of our morning to share it with you in hopes that you find little ways to spread kindness and love to the people you adore the most. Here are a few snapshots of the love notes…





I feel blessed beyond measure and as we move into this season that is a reminder to be thankful, my heart is full. May we all give and spread more love in this world. Have a beautiful weekend, my friends.

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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