December Feelings [Happy Ramblings]


Good Morning Friends,

This morning I’m sitting here with my cup of tea, and a new pair of wool socks on my feet. I wiggle my toes, and I feel thankful. I’m thankful for my feet being warm and snug against the cool, hardwood floors. The hours are mostly dark these days, and rain has been non-stop, which has made me string up fairy lights to warm the house… inside and out. Every year I look forward to this time of the year. I wasn’t always that way, but now I’ve found beauty in the heart of winter. When the world is quiet and cold, we feel the urge to burrow. I’ve been snuggling up with Daddy on the couch watching Netflix and soaking up time together. I cook soups that nourish us, and keep our bodies strong, when the cold threatens to give us the sniffles.

I love winter because it’s the time to walk in puddles on the farm. With big rubber boots, kiddo and I go marching down the long driveway, her splashing in every puddle and I, enjoying the peace of the cold, foggy morning. We greet the chickens hello and good morning. Cosmos the cat trots at our side, the faithful feline guardian that he is.

I am thankful for the simple luxuries, like buying a new juice press for the holidays and getting it early so we have fresh orange juice regularly. I’m thankful for cast iron pots, and mason jars full of homemade marinara sauce.

Yes, life is quiet. It’s simple and comfortable. But I like it that way.

This holiday season you won’t find a giant tree in our house. You won’t find a mound of presents or wrapping paper strewn all over the floor. You won’t find us rushing out to every event or filling our hours to go here and there.

Instead, you’ll find candles. Lit candles with the scent of cinnamon and vanilla in the air. You’ll find a tabletop tree (we’re minimalists!) with a simple burlap cloth at the base. You’ll find fuzzy blankets and soft, instrumental Christmas music playing.

This is my kind of speed for the month.

There is love and there is light. There is warmth and there is joy. There is gratitude and there is time for reflection. These are the things that make me cherish this holiday season.

May we all feel all the love, joy, warmth, happiness, and peace this season brings. Sending you all big hugs and squeezes! Until next time!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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