Day 1 of Withdrawing from SSRI’s: Mind Over Matter

Day 1 and staying positive! 

Good Evening Friends,

It has officially been 24 hours since I’ve taken my medication. I woke up today feeling fatigued despite getting 8 hours of sleep. Being very mindful of my mental state, I could feel myself grow internally agitated at the tiniest things that wouldn’t normally bother me. “Okay” I said quietly to my family, “right now I acknowledge that the withdrawal is making me a wee bit grumpy. But… this too will pass”. And with that, I pressed on.

Right around the crown of my head it felt like someone knocked me upside of my head. I had a dull ache, which I knew was coming, and my body felt heavy. But it was the shift in my appetite and taste buds that I didn’t expect to happen. Now, I’m a foodie. And I cook Asian recipes about 80% of the time. So when my stomach recoiled at the smell of garlic today, even I did a double take. “I’m sorry” I blurted out to my husband, “I can’t eat this”. The flatbread looked delicious, but the smell of garlic made me nauseous in a heartbeat.

It was time to be kind to myself.

I ate an orange, laid down on the couch, and took an hour and a half nap. I woke up feeling loads better. Then, I chugged a ton of water to stay hydrated and got my 10,000 steps in as my exercise for the day.

As I flopped back down on the couch I closed my eyes and audibly said the “Serenity Prayer” aloud to myself. This journey in going “cold turkey” off my medication won’t be easy. There will be moments that are far from fun. There will be up’s and down’s, and it will require me to remain vigilant and yet, kind to myself in the emotions that are bubbling up.


  • The sun really will come out tomorrow.
  • There will come a day when I will feel happy and centered again.
  • I’ll be totally clean from my medication and in control of my body again.
  • My metabolism will jump start again and my weight loss will continue.
  • I’ll be marching into 2020 with the single goal/resolution in mind: better health
  • And all along the way I will stay present in the moment.

May we all move into the new year with good health, lots of love, and enriching connections with those around us. Stay well, my friends!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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