My Christmas Wish [Thoughts and Rambles]


Good Morning Friends,

Last night I was asked a very simple question: “what is your Christmas wish?”. I had to pause because while I’m very liberal, earthy, hippie, and crunchy…. it has been a long time since I’ve made a wish for anything! So, I took time to think, and this is what my Christmas wish would be…. 

  • I wish to be seen, heard, and accepted, how I am… who I am… without judgement.
  • I wish to make new friends in the upcoming year who are kind hearted and honest.
  • I wish that the world would slow down a bit so that more people could simply enjoy life.
  • I wish that more people viewed animals as equal creatures worth protecting, and not consuming. ❤
  • I wish that if anyone is alone on Christmas, that they reach out to a friend, family member, or even an online buddy to feel some love this holiday season.
  • I wish that if someone does reach out to you, that you pour love, light, and magic over them completely. The world needs more love and kindness.
  • I wish that men would stop worrying about their bellies or their penis size. You’re great just the way you are! (Plus bellies are great to snuggle on ❤ ).
  • I wish women would stop worrying about their butt, boobs, or thighs. Whether you’re big, tall, short, curvy, thin, or anywhere in between…. there’s only one YOU in this world. That means you’re unique and awesome just the way you are. ❤
  • I wish I had a pen pal. I miss the days of letter writing. Or even email letter writing. Text messages sometimes feel impersonal.
  • I wish I could curl up this holiday season with several good books.
  • I wish for everyone to take time to talk to their pet. I believe that they absolutely can feel and understand what you’re saying. 🙂
  • I wish that everyone can tap into their “inner child” to see life with a bit of sparkle and fun. Have a laugh. Then have another one!
  • I wish that every shower time is a time to sing, dance, and just have fun while scrubbing up.
  • I wish that fashion designers would mark down clothing that is intentionally ripped, torn, or cut in half. Shouldn’t a crop top cost half the price because you’re getting half of a shirt? 😉
  • I wish that road signs would flash positive affirmations. I think people need to learn to love themselves more. (Plus it might help people who have road rage).
  • Oooo!! I wish that more cars were electric and that we weren’t polluting the air with gas cars. That would be nice.
  • I wish that everyone could work in the fast food industry for a month. That way people would have more respect and kindness towards those that serve them.
  • I wish that it was required to know at least one of your neighbors. That way we all feel a little bit less alone in this world.
  • I wish that people would practice more coexistence. Live and let live. Love and let love.
  • I wish that more people hugged one another… even if touching might feel awkward at first. 🙂

These are my Christmas wishes. ❤ What would YOUR wish be? Comment and let me know! Have a beautiful day, my friends!!

Much love,

~Kitten xx



  1. I’m an old woman Kitten, but I’d be honoured to be a penpal from New Zealand! I used to handwrite letters and still do if the people I write to want it! So much more personal. With the dementia gradually increasing I may not be around in mind for ever though!

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    1. I’d absolutely LOVE to be pen pals with you Naomi!! I have heard the most wonderful things about New Zealand. You’re so blessed to live there. My email, so let’s get writing, my dear friend! ❤ I'd love to know more about you and your interests! I can't wait to hear from you soon! xx


  2. Oh, my wish is simple.
    To be treated like a person. Not an old person. Not a pensioner. Not a old woman…just a person. An equal…
    Bless you!

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    1. Sweet Naomi, your comments always make me grin from ear to ear. I already see you as a beautiful soul in this vast world. Age is merely a number but never indicative of a person’s worth or identity. You ARE a person. A beautiful person inside and out! Have a fantastic weekend, my friend! xx


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