Day 7 of My Self Care Journey: A Cat’s Intuition

Cosmos 1
My sweet Cosmos ❀ 

Good Evening Friends,

Christmas is almost here! I hope this month has been a relaxing one for you. As I approach one week completely free from taking medication, I am thankful. It hasn’t been easy, but taking back control of my body feels good. It feels right in my soul. Tonight I want to talk about the power and intuition of animals. I am a firm believer that animals understand us just as people do. They pick up on energies. They sense emotion, and if you really tune into an animal… I believe that they understand your feelings too.

Tonight I was doing well until I ate supper. Then a wave of nausea hit me out of no where. I took a breath. I don’t like to make my family nervous, so I remained calm. “I’m going to take a quiet walk outside” I said softly. My husband and daughter looked at me. They knew that I was probably queasy and the night air would feel good to my senses. Nodding at me, I slipped out the door into the dark. It was so nice to listen to the owls hooting, and to hear the crickets chirping in the bushes. I plucked up a lazy snail strolling across the road and set him down in a big plant to rest.

When I came back inside I felt Cosmos brush against my leg immediately. He had been asleep when I left, but pets have a funny way of knowing when you’re there, and when you’re not. “I’m alright, love” I whispered, and gave him some belly rubs. He purred and then watched me go lay down on the couch. The nausea was still lingering a bit.

I closed my eyes when all of a sudden in the quiet of my house I felt four tiny paws crawl up onto my body. Cosmos purred like a machine, stretching out over my belly and laying down like a feline blanket. He knew that I felt icky. He knew that I needed some snuggles. I laid there for a while just silently stroking his back. He, with his eyes closed and purring against my chest, twitched an ear every now and then. Ever so slowly my body relaxed completely. The nausea faded away. All I felt was love. And fur. But mostly love. πŸ™‚

“Thank you, sweet boy” I whispered, and brushed his cheek with my finger, “I love you”.

Have a wonderful night everyone ❀

Much love,

~Kitten xx


  1. Yes! Little Hugo is the same when I’m anxious. He does this weird/cute thing if he wants attention, he bumps his butt against you (we call it twerking haha). If it’s not that, he’ll be climbing up and trying to get close to me and give me kisses. If I try and fuss over him too much when I’m happy, I get growled at. Kisses are very clearly only an anti-anxiety thing!
    I also get a LOT of tummy troubles from my anxiety so I feel you there. Peppermint I find really helps, and deep, slow breathing. It’s all to do with the vagus nerve and tension.
    Big hugs to you, my friend xx

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