Merry Christmas 2019!


Good Morning/Evening to YOU My Friends! 

I know so many of my dear friends are spread out around the world. According to the Google Santa Tracker, he is right over the country of Georgia at the moment which means that it’s already Christmas Day in some parts of the world. That said, I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL, restful, peaceful, Christmas holiday! May you snuggle up in pajamas, feasting on good food with the ones you love.

Today I’m leaving you with my three of my favorite things: love, laughter, and silliness. Stay safe, my friends and I will see you back here on Dec. 26th!! XOXO

I. Love: My Wish For All My Cg/l Friends

Dear Friends,

First off, I wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone. Tank chu for always being here to say nice things to me. You all make my heart smile and make me dance on my tippy toes with glee. Tank chu for putting yourself out there so that we can all meet right here on WP! I think it’s so awesome! Today, I’m going to make a wish on a star right here on the farm. My wish is that all of you, wherever you are, feel lots of love and snuggles today… and everyday.

If you’re a little like me, I hope you know that you are beeeeeeautiful! I hope you wear your favorite clothes that make you smile. I hope you dance until your muscles ache and feel all warm. I hope you eat food in bite sized pieces, and I hope you kiss your stuffies before you go to sleep tonight.

If you’re a Daddy or Mommy, tank chu for always taking care of us. It’s not easy being a Daddy or Mommy, but it’s people like you that have hearts THIS big that make our world a better place. The world is a brighter, happier, more sparkly place because of all you amazing Daddies and Mommies. So tank chu, and Merry Christmas!!

Lots of Love!!

~Kitten xx

II. Laughter: One of my favorite stand up videos

I love watching stand up videos on YouTube. Curling up under a blanket and giggling is one of my favorite ways to wind down. There are so many comedians that are hilarious, but I stumbled across this video recently that made me bust out laughing. I hope you love it too!! 🙂

III. Silliness: 


Much love,

~Kitten xx


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