How to Tap Into Your “Inner Child”, Part 2: Making Magic in the Mundane


Good Evening Friends,

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a vivid imagination. I was one of those children who preferred to play outside alone racing through the forest, instead of playing with a bunch of other kids. I was always just a little bit different, a little bit unique, and untamed. My parents (thankfully) didn’t judge me for taking my Barbie dolls out to the fort I created in the woods behind our home. Instead, they let me play, dream, explore, and create my own world.

Now as an adult Little and writer, my imagination is still in overdrive. I’m always turning my environment into something whimsical and playful. I like making the ordinary, extraordinary. I create magic in the mundane, and today we are going to discuss just how to do that. Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in!

I. Stepping Off the Hamster Wheel: 

It’s inevitable that we all have some sort of “hamster wheel” or set routine in our day to day life. We wake up, get washed, and prepare to tackle the day. We go to work or to school and face hours of intense concentration. We are given tasks or homework that requires extra time spent outside of our normal working hours. Time moves on and the hours spent being able to tap into our creativity grows slim.

Or does it?

I’d like to think that the mindset we use while we are in our daily routine is a personal choice. What if, instead of taking notes at your desk with pen and paper, your pen had a pom pom ball on it? What if your paper was scented, or decorated with characters that made you smile? What if your mouse pad was an Avengers symbol or had the Harry Potter logo? We can all make the choice to arrive into our day with the intention of making our waking moments magical. There are opportunities abound to turn the most mundane tasks into moments that will make you laugh, smile, and feel deeply connected to your “inner child”. All it takes is a tiny bit more effort and a few minutes of planning.

II. No Matter What, Go Outside: 

The first way to make your day a bit more magical and tap into your “inner child” is to head outdoors. No matter where you live in the world, there is always something new to see right in your own backyard. Go for a walk and breathe in the fresh air. Look at the clouds drifting in the sky. Can you find any pictures in the clouds today? Getting out and moving is the most discreet, free, simple way to tap into your Little self. Why? Because children love playing outdoors! Think back to when you were a child. What did you love to do outside? Listen to the crunch of leaves beneath your shoes. Listen to the birds fluttering between branches. Stand by the ocean and bask in the glory of its power. If you live in a major city, feel the hum and pulse of the city around you. It has its own magic. Standing as one person in this giant environment that you live in will surely make you feel small. Moments like that remind me of the movie “August Rush”. Perhaps this will give you some inspiration to listen to the music and hum of the world around you:


III. Turn Waiting Into a Game: 

Waiting…. patience. It’s one of those lessons that we hear from a very early age. “Wait for your turn” we’re told by our teachers. “Wait in line”. “Wait to use the restroom”. “You’ll need to wait until your package arrives”. “You have to wait in the traffic jam”. Life is comprised of so much waiting! And let’s face it: waiting can be difficult! But what if I told you that waiting is a window of time given for you to tap into your inner child and just have some fun? Let’s look at this another way.

You’re standing in line waiting for your turn at the grocery check out. The store is packed and everyone is leaning on their cart just waiting to be able to pay and go home. You could browse the trashy magazines. Or… you could drum your hands on the bar of your cart. Think of a tune and release your inner drummer. Now, I’m not suggesting that you go all Travis Barker with it and freak out the people around you! But, a few taps is enough to mentally transport you into a shift of fun and play. Think about a song that you can’t help but rock out to. Do you have it in mind? My song would be “Invisible Touch” by: Genesis. If that song comes on and I’m around… I will absolutely bust out singing (lol). Take a moment and think about your favorite song. Then try drumming on your thigh or your shopping cart to the beat. It’s really fun, right?! 🙂

You can easily turn moments of waiting into moments of fun by: rocking out in the car, putting a fun ringtone on your cell phone (like “Eye of the Tiger” 😉 ), and singing in elevators as you wait to arrive on your floor. Go ahead, sing like no one’s watching.

IV. Turning Your Lunch Time into An Adventure: 

Lunch time for many of us is an allocated time crunch. We have approximately 30 to 60 minutes to eat our food, stretch our legs, use the washroom, and relax, before we have to get back to work. You could inhale your lunch and binge on YouTube videos, but I challenge you to elevate your lunch time into a moment of tapping into your inner well of creativity. Go for a stroll after your lunch. Let your mind’s eye shift the landscape around you. Where are you? Are you dancing along the sidewalk a la “Singing in the Rain”? Are you carrying a stick and heading off to Hogwarts? Where are you going? Let your imagination take flight!

If you’re feeling shy about playing pretend on your lunch break, go sit down at a table outside. You can feed some birds some of your lunch crumbs. No doubt they will happily chirp their thanks to you. Grab a soccer ball and kick it around to stretch your legs. Let your inner child roam free for those precious, few minutes. Maybe you wish to be a fairy, and your stroll is really you gliding among the trees? Perhaps you’re living in Arendelle, and you’re off to give Olaf a warm hug? However you decide to spend your lunch break, challenge yourself to make it magical. Turn the ordinary into something that will leave you with lingering feelings of happiness and joy. Awaken your inner creative genius. I promise you it’s there.

Choosing to view your time as a currency is the best way to begin transforming your days. You are worth taking time to make magic in your everyday life. Your inner child is just waiting to run, leap, play, and explore. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started. I’ll see you outside, my friends! 😉

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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