How to Tap Into Your “Inner Child”, Part 4: Giving Yourself Permission to Play


Good Evening Friends,

I had a basic outline written for this post tonight. But then, this afternoon I received a call from my stepmom that my aunt had died today. So, I’m sitting here feeling quiet, thoughtful, and sad. My aunt was different from her siblings. She took chances and risks when the rest of the family swam another way. She had an infectious smile, and stepped out of her comfort zone to dive into her passions. She lived life fully, which makes it that much more painful to see it cut short. So, my sweet Aunt N, this post tonight is inspired by you. ❤

I. Finding a Passion: 

We all have a set soundtrack to our day to day life. Wake up, eat, work, rest, eat, sleep, rinse, and repeat. It’s a rhythm so much so, that it could have it’s own beat. But deep down, we all have passions. The passion to travel. The passion to learn another language. The passion to cook great food, or write a novel. The passion to build something with our hands, or do something that terrifies and excites us all at the same time. And while we have our day to day routine, we have to make time for passions too.

Go to any bookstore and you’ll likely see a dozen or so books written on how to find your passion. And while I’m not knocking any books out there, I just think that instead of reading a book about how to find your passion… give yourself permission to explore. Browse the internet and see things. Listen to music across the world. Challenge your palate with a dish you’ve never even heard of, and see if it’s something you enjoy. Sink your teeth in and discover a new hobby. Those little moments of bliss might just very well turn into a passion. A passion that burns in your being so brightly that you cannot help but yearn to do it again and again. And then, my friends, the spark has been lit… the fire’s begun… and you’ll be on your way.

II. Soaking Up Pleasure: 

When it comes to making room for play, I urge you to also make space for pleasure. Play should be pleasurable and pleasure should always feel playful. There’s a scene from one of my favorite movies, “Under the Tuscan Sun”, that so eloquently embodies what it means to soak up pleasure. Walking in the plaza at night with her friend, Katherine tells Frances that pleasure is doing something to savor a moment completely. Like eating gelato on a hot summer’s day. Standing by the ocean with the wind on your face. Catching fireflies delicately in your cupped hands. Life is too vast, too beautiful and enriching to not get out there and soak up your own sources of pleasure. Do things that challenge you. Do things that make you feel giddy inside.

My Aunt N once bought these enormous over-sized couches. When the delivery truck arrived, I was over at her house that day. “Where are we going to put these things?!” her husband exclaimed nervously. He had assumed she had ordered a normal set of furniture. “We’ll make space” she said, and for the next hour we moved around all the furniture in her main room until there was barely anything left. In came these massive, over-sized couches with throw pillows the size of king-sized bed pillows. Then I watched my aunt suddenly dive back onto the couch as if she was crowd surfing. She landed onto the soft mound of fluff and stretched out with plenty of room to spare. She exhaled and a huge smile of bliss crept across her lips. Pleasure. Take time to soak up moments of pleasure.

III. Keeping Humor in Your Heart: 

As you begin to integrate play into your life, I would encourage you to try to remember to be silly. Laugh! Smile, and let whatever play you decide to do lift your spirits. Tapping into your inner child means dipping into a well of happiness, joy, and light-heartedness. It’s a mental state where you can unburden your mind from adult stress. You can bask in the joy of being in the moment and just having fun! So go ahead, tell a corny joke. Giggle at things out loud (especially if you snort when you laugh). Be playful and lovingly tease your partner or friends. Play around with apps that stretch your face and make you laugh until your cheeks hurt. Sit down in front of your favorite stand up comedy videos and carve out time to just kick back and chuckle. Give yourself permission to feel. Give yourself permission to giggle… to play… to dance, and twirl.

IV. Surround Yourself with People That Support Your Creativity: 

The last point I’d like to touch upon is the importance of surrounding yourself with people who support your creative endeavors. Although we are strong, mighty, independent people, life is meant to be shared and journeyed with people you trust. Share your dreams and passions with those closest to you. Confide in people who you know will uplift you and hold you accountable to your goals. If you have a dominant, sit down and write up a list of baby steps that you need to take to reach your goals. Then let them guide you through it! Having people around you to hold you accountable to your dreams will help keep you motivated to stay locked into the mindset of creative play. Make friends with the same interests. (Especially Little-friends who can push you into little space when life gets busy and time is precious and few). Create a team of people who will cheer you on every step of the way. It’s one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

Life is short. Time slips through our fingers faster than we wish it to. So choose to begin soaking it up right this very moment. Pick one thing that inspires you and write it down. Create a list of baby steps that you need to make to reach your passion. Along the way, make time to dive into pleasures that truly help you unwind. Befriend like-minded people who uplift and support you, and then…. enjoy the journey.

I hope you all have a beautiful night, and I will see you back here in the morning. Sending you big hugs across the world.

Much love,

~Kitten xx


  1. Such a beautiful post as ever, Penny! I agree, play is something we should cherish. I got my playful nature from my father but my mother has always judged me for it. I’m highly imaginative, and I could pick up something, anything and pop! Off I would go. Let’s say. a pen. A pen could become a rocket and we’d go off on a journey through space! To my Mum & Nan, it was a weird behaviour and I should play with normal things in the normal way. Have you ever tried to play when the story line has already been determined for you?

    Either way, your Aunt sounds like a lady who knew what she wanted in life and had no shame in going after it, an inspiration for sure and someone I’m sure you will always remember fondly. Sending you big squeezes from across the pond, my friend. If you need some time off from our series, I fully understand 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Elena, you are truly an amazing person who I feel blessed to call my friend ❤ You know, staying busy with my hands and my mind has helped me move through the emotions in the loss of my aunt. So, let's keep going with our post series. 🙂 It's cathartic and refreshing to share my marriage on here with everyone, and with you.

      I smiled when I envisioned you as a child with your rocket ship of a pen. That isn't strange at all! It means that you have a reservoir of creativity and can see the world with magical, pure eyes. May we all look through such a lens. Never stop playing and dreaming, my dear friend. Big squeezes to you right back! ❤ xx
      PS- I have! But only in the context of rpg's and the theater club lol


      1. Writing is amazing! Keep going sweet, you’ll do your aunt proud 🙂

        I did write a post on my other blog about daydreaming. If you search for ‘daydreaming’ on there, it’ll come right up. I admit, I am known for my imagination! Haha xx

        Liked by 1 person

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