Married to Master, Part 7: Developing Your D/s Lingo

Fil-am Love ā¤

Good Morning Friends!

Today, Elena and I are diving into how you can cultivate your own set of words, phrases, and babble with your partner. If you haven’t popped over to read Elena’s posts, please head over to “Ten Shades & Me” and do so! She is a wonderful writer and my dear friend.

As an adult little, when you first enter the lifestyle it can feel strange beginning to baby babble. I know that years ago I was nervous about speaking in baby speak. I was anxious that I would sound like a nut! I was terrified that my husband would be turned off, instead of pulled into the daddy dom mindset. But, over time I began to find my own rhythm of speech. In my “Little Introspection” series, I detailed a list of my favorite words and phrases to use in little space. Today, I’d like to go more in depth with how these phrases came to be, and how you can find your own style of baby babble too! Are you ready to explore this topic with me? Then, let’s dive in. šŸ™‚

I. Being in a Bilingual D/s Relationship:Ā 

This morning I sat and tenderly brushed a finger over my husband’s forearm. I admired how smooth his soft, cocoa skin was. “Gosh, I love your skin” I purred quietly and smirked. For as long as I began having crushes, I’ve had a deep attraction towards Asian men. So, now that I’m married to one… I feel deeply blessed. He grinned at me and gave me a kiss. Being D/s and being bilingual is a major part of our everyday life. If you were to meet my husband, you likely wouldn’t know that English is his second language. I tease him that he is “white washed” because he has virtually no Filipino accent at all. But the truth is, that he studied English in schools from the time he went to kindergarten. (Fun fact: Schools in the Philippines teach English regularly beginning in preschool).

However, as assimilated to American culture as he is, we are a very proud Fil-Am household. The baby babble that I use is sprinkled with words in Tagalog. As someone who gets cold easily, Daddy often hears me say: “malamig ako!” (I’m cold!) on the daily. He will come over and wrap a blanket around me with tender, loving care. When we’re hungry we will banter back and forth before one of us blurts out, “gutom ako!” (I’m hungry!) and then we rub our tummy (lol). “Gutom ka ba?” (Are you hungry?), he’ll ask me and then move to grab me a snack from the cupboards. In the summer time, Daddy’s least favorite time of the year, he will tell rant, “mainit na mainit ako!” (I’m sooo hot!). “Ako din” (Me too), I’ll mutter wiping my sweaty brow.

His culture has become my culture. His people are my people. Filipino food is cooked here regularly and our rice cooker is bubbling on a daily basis. It has been such a fun journey being an interracial couple and falling in love with his country, just as he has fallen in love with mine. ā¤

II. Developing My Own Little Speech:Ā 

One of my favorite aspects of being Little is being able to express myself in my own unique way. Your little space speech doesn’t always have to be words. I encourage you to release your “inner child” and use sound as a means of communication. You can grunt, squeal, babble in a series of tones and intonations, sing, hum, whistle, etc. to convey your feelings. If you are feeling primal, try making the sounds of your animal. Explore with sound and allow yourself to be silly! Blow raspberries with your lips. Stand up and twirl around the room with your arms outstretched. You are a Little, which means that you are free to communicate however you wish.

I love babbling without saying any particular word. I will get very smiley and wiggly as I begin to babble in a series of “Na na na na na naaaaa” and “La la la laaaaa’s”. I might burst into song (totally normal for me lol) or just babble away with my tone changing as each passing thought crosses my mind. Now to some, it might look like I’m crazy. Or that I’m talking to myself. But in that state of mental age regression, I’m communicating how Little Me wishes to be. My daddy has heard me like this for so long that he studies my facial expressions and listens closely to understand what I’m talking about. Then, he will usually ask questions to “solve” the topic of what I’m rambling on about.

Stay playful and be your own person! šŸ™‚

III. Learning Non-Verbal Communication:Ā 

Another aspect of developing your own language with your dominant, is establishing non-verbal communication. This can range from gentle touches, to snuggles, to pillow fights, and everything in between. Personally, Daddy and I have a set of facial expressions to convey our emotions. We are very touchy-feely people by nature, so it isn’t uncommon to see us tangled up holding hands or have one body part of ours touching the other when he’s home from work. As you create your own non-verbal communication, your dominant will discover how your body loves to move. They will see how your face shifts with passing thoughts. They will understand how you express yourself in the wide range of emotions. This will help them respond accordingly.

One of my favorite things to do in little space is to sing. I love to sing! As such, Daddy has gotten used to seeing me have a tune in my mind, and then I’m just dancing across the house to the silence. In my head I’m bopping away, but it always makes him jump up and dance behind me like a conga line. šŸ˜‰

Let your body move how it feels natural to move. Free your mind from worries and just dance!Ā 

IV. Dirty Talk and Consent:Ā 

The final area of D/s language that I’d like to discuss is dirty talk, because let’s be honest… it can be REALLY hot! šŸ˜‰ I have to preface here that all dirty talk and name calling especially should only be done with the consent of everyone involved. Make sure your partner is on board with being called certain names, or being spoken to in a risque manner. Some people like being called names in bed, and others don’t. Never assume, simply ask.

Okay, now that we got that housekeeping out of the way… let’s get into the naughty, fun details! šŸ˜€ Daddy and I have developed our own set of dirty talk over the years. Today you will learn some phrases that are naughty in Tagalog, so that if you ever meet a sexy Filipino… you’ll be prepared. Hehe! You’re welcome. Here are some favorite ones that Daddy and I use regularly:

  • Gusto kitang maka-sex – I want to have sex with you.
  • Chupa-chups– slang for a blowjob
  • Handa na ako– I’m “ready”/ turned on
  • Pogi ka– You’re handsome (said to a male)
  • Sexy ka– You’re sexy
  • Halikan mo ako– Kiss me
  • Yakap mo ako– Hug me
  • Gusto kitang makantot– another way of saying “I want to have sex with you”
  • Gusto kitang makantot sa pwetĀ – I want to fuck your ass.
  • Gusto kong laplapin ang iyong puki– I want to lick your princess parts.
  • Puki– slang for vagina/pussy
  • Gusto ko ang iyong dede– I like/want your titties.
  • Tamod– slang for jizz

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post! I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here, and I will see you all back here tonight for next installment of “The Dominant’s Den: 31 Days of Gentle Guidance” series.

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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