Married to Master, Part 8: D/s in the Bedroom and Our Favorite Toys

Good Morning Friends!

I almost called this post, “Sex Positions for Fluffy Folk” because Daddy and I are not skinny people. There are no 6 packs marching around our farm. There aren’t any “ripped guns” or “legs for days” around here. And the only perfect, golden tan is the one my sweet husband was born with! (Hehe!) No, we’re your ordinary plump couple, who are foodies at heart, just trying to lose a few pounds here and there, all while being D/s and loving each other dearly. That said, today’s post is in collaboration with Elena at “Ten Shades & Me”. We’re each sharing how we incorporate D/s into the bedroom and what our favorite toys are. So, please go show her some love and hit that like button on her post too. Now, are you ready to see how Daddy and I really operate behind “closed doors”? Then, let’s dive in. 😉

I. Sex Positions for Fluffy Folk … (Because I just had to use those fun words somewhere lol): 

Last night I was bushed. I laid down in my hammock next to my husband’s and sighed. My mind was cluttered. My body ached from all of the workouts I’ve been doing, and the last thing I wanted was to get “frisky” with him. I felt his hand reach out to mine in the darkness. “Gusto kitang…” he muttered in that tone. I pursed my lips. As his submissive, I’ll admit that I try to relax and fall into those moments of intimacy, even if I’m not feeling like it, because it brings me pleasure to see him pleasured. But last night I was exhausted. “I feel like a beached whale” I said flatly. I heard his hammock shift as he got out of bed. “Stand up” he said, and grabbed my hands to pull me from the comfort of my blankets. For the next few minutes we stood there, kissing deeply, as he touched various parts of my body and told me what he found beautiful in each. It was the foreplay I needed to lift my spirits and put me in the mood.

Now let’s pause here for a moment.

Like I said before, we aren’t skinny people. So, you know those porn videos where the woman is being bounced like a pogo stick mid-air on the super-muscly guy? Yeah…. that’s not us LOL. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t slip into fun positions just because we have a bit of extra fluff! We kissed and moved our way over towards the giant physio ball in our bedroom. Now, if you’ve never invested in a physio ball (about $18 USD) before, I highly encourage it! A physio ball allows you to roll, shift, lift your legs up, and almost slide into a handstand as you wiggle around (naked) for your partner. You can also lay back on the ball with your legs in a V and literally bounce with your partner’s thrusts. Here are a few of our favorite positions…

The Approaching Tiger: Because sometimes all you need is a pillow and “the mood” 🙂


Standing Doggy: One of our favorites when you just need to get it on and you don’t want to strip and tumble into the bed. This one is hot and can be very noisy.


The Couch Surfer: Your couch is just begging to be used in various ways. The arms of the couch are perfect for being bent over… and incorporating a few spankings. 😉


Both Legs Up Scissors: If you have thick thighs (like I do), just slip a pillow beneath your bum or a yoga mat, and your partner will have easy access in a heartbeat!


The Man on all Fours: Not the easiest position, but it sure is fun to wrap your legs around your partner as they thrust into you. Again, pillows and yoga mats do wonders for extra support or any lower back issues.


The Rock N’ Roll: This position is great to do on the physio ball because you can roll back quite a ways without the extra pressure of your legs pressing into your chest.


The Slingshot: This position should be named “Honey, I want your ass but you’re wiggling too much, so I’m just gonna stick it in since you’re right there…” lol. This is one of those transitional positions.


II. My Favorite Ferrari:

Most people don’t know it, but I actually enjoy looking at cars. I’m not going to go to a car show (though I did as a child). But suped-up cars are intriguing to me, including Ferrari’s. Oh, how I swoon over Ferrari’s! What a sexy car it is! Let’s all bask in the beauty of this machine for a moment.

A Ferrari… Just Not My Ferrari lol

Okay, now that we got that out of the way… it’s obvious that I don’t own a Ferrari. 😉 However, I do have a vibrating wand that I have nicknamed Ferrari because it’s just that powerful. When choosing a wand, there are certain criteria you want to aim for including:

  • Durable
  • USB Powered or Plug in (say no to batteries)
  • Affordable (Let’s not break the bank for an orgasm)
  • Not too cumbersome

After several different purchases I found the holy grail of wands! My Ferrari is actually “The Bodywand” plug in vibrator (retails for $36.99 USD on Amazon).


What I love about this wand: 

  • The head removes to be cleaned easily. The silicone is also very soft against the skin.
  • The motor doesn’t overheat. (I’ve used mine for 2 YEARS now and it’s still in prime condition).
  • The speed rolling button is very powerful and can slowly work you up… and over the edge to a blissful orgasm.
  • It’s not heavy. (I have small hands and this size/weight works perfectly).
  • It’s affordable!


III. C is for Crop…. Not Cookies: 

Now, let’s talk about impact play. As a general rule, I don’t crave pain. I don’t thrive on feeling pain in a moment of pleasure. But, I will say that I am a masochist… lite. 🙂 I say this only because I have had impact play, and occasionally still do, but I have limits. I have longed joked to my husband that if you tie me up to a wall and flog me, fine. But once I’m released, run, because you know that s*** hurt! (tehehe!). No, but in all seriousness, my pain threshold isn’t very high and that’s perfectly fine. Live and let live. If you like to use a bunch of tools in your bedroom, go for it! I’m cheering you on with my plushies and blankies in hand.

I’m an adult Little with a low pain threshold. Spankings and smacks with a crop are about all that I can take. We have our safewords in place: Red means STOP and Yellow means SLOW DOWN/ HOLD UP, BOO. 😉 I admit that the crop feels insanely delicious. If delivered hard enough, it can give a very mild bruise. But you get a gentle sting, a loud pop! sound, but not a whole lot of pain. They can be purchased on Amazon for about $10 USD.

IV. What They Don’t Tell You About Anal Sex: 

Anal sex. “The Great Beyond”. The Rumpus Pumpus. (I could go on making silly names for anal sex for days lol), but it’s the one thing in bed that people hype up… a lot! It’s not that I haven’t experienced it, because I have. I’ve even had anal play send me to the E.R.! It’s just that anal sex is portrayed as being easy to get into, when the reality isn’t so. You have to work to get the anus prepared for penetration. You absolutely need to use lube, and gently stretch the tissue and muscle with various size plugs. You need to take time to adjust to the feeling of something going up there. Is it impossible? Of course not. There are many anal plug training kits (and lube!) that are affordable and available to get you primed and ready. Just… take it slow. That’s my advice. Ease into it, literally! 😉

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it (and got a chuckle or two from it). If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here and I will see you all back here this afternoon for the next post!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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