Self Care Sunday & Health Updates!


Good Evening Friends,

It’s currently 9:17 pm on Saturday here, and I wanted to take a moment to slow my ever-productive train down and just say hi 🙂 . How are you? Are you doing well? I hope you are. Tonight I want to share with you all some updates with my health and why I will be offline for all 24 hours tomorrow.

For those new to my blog, welcome! My name is Kitten or Penny Berry, and I’m an adult little. I’m also a busy wife and mum to a beautiful little girl. When I’m not writing on here about all of my Cg/l adventures with my Daddy/Husband, I am off gardening on the farm, watching movies, and homeschooling my child.

Lately, I have been on a self-care and recovery journey as I have gone off of a year long prescribed stint of SSRI medication. It wasn’t easy. But these days my headaches are gone. My appetite has returned and the nausea has dissipated. But with the physical symptoms gone, the mental journey really begins. I can feel the old tingle of anxiety lurking in the back of my mind here and there. When stress gets high, those intrusive thoughts try to creep back in. While I have developed many holistic strategies for managing stress, which keeps the anxiety at bay, I have to acknowledge that I am my own worst enemy most of the time.

So, I’m instituting self care Sundays for myself. 24 hours of going completely dark from social media and my blog.

It might seem easy or trivial. But as a certified work-aholic it is anything but easy. My fingers tingle to write. But I know deep down that what I need is to step back and give my brain a break. 🙂 So, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

Today I was out working on the farm. We had a record-breaking short winter this year and it’s already beginning to warm again. I pushed the mower up and down the yard with my husband. We plucked out pesky weeds from the flower garden. On a plot of 5 acres there is always something to do. But the repetition of plucking weeds, mowing the grass, and stepping back to admire our hard work felt good. It felt grounding. It was exactly the medicine I needed.

Tonight I was supposed to post day 4 of “The Dominant’s Den”. And I will, just on Monday morning. 😉 But since you all have been patient I will give you a teaser of the topic:

Day 4 of The Dominant’s Den: The Importance of Play as a Dominant

So stay tuned for that post on Monday, and thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support that you give me on here. You are truly an amazing bunch of people. Have a wonderful weekend, friends, and I will see you back here Monday morning!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


      1. Weather still hot. Not sure where it’s at in the east of the state. Quite a few people we know are affected. Friends in Malacoota have survived and declined evacuation to stay and volunteer with the Red Cross. As good as we are fighting things in Australia what we really do is stick around after and rebuild.

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  1. Well done you for taking some down time! I got nagged last night buut in true me (us? 😉 ) fashion, I’m back in the saddle today. I’m writing today’s post today for tomorrow too because I have a video to assemble tomorrow. That could be the new drill. It sates my need to write on the weekend and takes the pressure off on a Monday 😉 Keep smiling girly, and remember I’m only ever an email away if you need to talk 🙂 xx

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    1. Hehe thank you girly ❤ That truly means a lot. I'll have to hop across the pond and take you out for a self-care day at the pace you're going too! Don't work too hard. 🙂 *big squeezes!*


  2. Self-care Sunday sounds brilliant! I love the idea of a day off social media and the blog – well, theoretically. I love it in theory. And love that you’re doing it! Curious to hear what effects you notice from the down time.

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    1. Awww thank you, Olivia! I did snap a few pictures of my day yesterday, and had plenty of time for reflection, so stay tuned for a post today on my post-self-care day thoughts! I hope you have a wonderful start to the week! xx

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  3. I’m so glad to hear that the physical withdrawal symptoms from the SSRIs are dissipating! One trick that I offer my client regarding anxiety is that when you are at home and you are starting to feel those symptoms creep in (muscle tension, knots in stomach, perseverating thoughts, etc. ) try putting an icepack on the back of your neck. Many of my clients find this helpful…it seems to shock the system and give you space to pull yourself out of the anxious state. Hope this is helpful 🙂

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    1. What a wonderful tip, Nora! Thank you for the advice! I will definitely try placing an icepack to the back of my neck when I feel the anxiety begin to creep back in. I have also found that supergreens do wonders for keeping the body stable. 🙂 I hope you have a beautiful Monday, my friend! xx

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