The Far Away Look [Poetry]


Where did you go?, I wonder to myself.

I see the glassy look in your eyes.

From across the space I watch you with deep fascination.

I yearn to know you, and to peer into your mind.

Your mind draws me like a deep, untouched well of knowledge.

Your pupils move and I can see you drift to a far away place.

I see the corners of your lips purse.

Is it a haunting memory? Some sorrowful place that engulfs you whenever triggered?

Oh, how I wish I could walk with you.

I wish I could take your hand, and give you silent reassurance.

But the train has left the station.

Your mind is off in some distant place of the past.

With steady steps I begin to cross the room watching you intently,

letting you have your moment of wander and roam.

Silently I place a tender hand upon your arm,

and see your eyes snap back to the present.

The memory is shattered and you’re here with me now.

Our eyes lock as you meet mine, and I smile at you.

“Welcome back” I whisper, “welcome back….”.

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