Day 15 of The Dominant’s Den: How to Guide Your Non-Sexual Little

The Dominant's Den

*** DISCLAIMER: Today’s post is a bit more of a “hot topic”, or a more polarizing subject. I want to express that all of these thoughts are my own, as a non-sexual Little. I will never stand for kink-shaming, and firmly support everyone expressing themselves as they wish. Also, I am not referring to anyone specifically, as I think you all are amazing! Peace and good vibes, my friends! ❤ ***

Good Morning Friends,

Normally I kick things off in a smooth manner. I flow through my outline that I’ve taken time and care to make. But today I have no outline. Today we are just throwing caution to the wind, because I have things on my mind and today’s topic fit the bill. Can we talk about the “Great Divide” in the world of Cg/l between the kinky littles and the non-kinky littles? Yes? Then, let’s dive in. ❤

I. Being a Non-Sexual Little Can Feel Isolating: 

This weekend has been a long, 4-day holiday weekend here in the U.S. as it is MLK Jr. Day. With the Captain home from work, we’ve had time to game together, read books, watch TV, and just browse the internet at our leisure. It has been nice. But y’all… sometimes I wake up to things on social media that make me do a double take. Now, let me pause here for a moment. I am not a prude! I love sex just as much as the next person. I am in full support of any person being and expressing themselves as they see fit. It’s your body and your choice. That said, my social media has so much ass, boobs, and penis sometimes, that I feel like I know these people and we’ve never even met! Putting up nude photos on FetLife is one thing. That I understand. But publicly on social media? I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw on my feed was a male-bodied person, masturbating and cumming as a gif! I don’t even know this person, and yet I’ve seen their penis. I admit that this made me blush a bit.

As a non-sexual Little, or a Little whose little space is exclusively SFW/innocent/whatever you want to call it, there are times where I feel like a black sheep in a sea of nude pics and risque clothing. The strange part is, I consider myself to be kinky. I could show you my own checklist (that looks more like a bucket list) of sexual things I want to try. So, it’s not that I’m opposed to kinky littles or anyone else out there expressing themselves. You won’t find any kink-shaming around here. ❤ It’s just that at times I feel that social media is saturated with NSFW content.

If you have a Little who prefers a more innocent, wholesome little space, let them know that they are not alone. You don’t have to grind your prince/princess parts on your stuffie. You don’t need to re-enact a hentai scene. You don’t need to wear kink attire that shows off your most private body parts, and you don’t need to be suggestive with your behavior. Your little space can be however you wish it to be, pure or not.

II. The Mentality of the Non-Sexual Little: 

Let’s talk about the “Great Divide”, my friends. The kinky littles and the not-so-kinky Littles. What sets us apart? Why is there even a divide? On here I preach constantly about being one community, and my hope is that one day it feels that way. For today, we’re going to focus on how things are instead. But first, a quick lesson:

To understand why there is division, we must first understand the definition of the word, kink. To have a kink means:

Kink: to have a sexual taste or preference. (Source)

Therefore, if you are a little who identifies your little space and age play as a kink, this means that you have a sexual taste or preference towards the Cg/l lifestyle, and this is perfectly fine! If you do not have a sexual taste or preference towards your little space, then you do not identify as a kinky little, and that is fine too! Be yourself and stay true to what your feelings and desires are. 

As a non-sexual little, I can only speak for myself here when I describe my mentality towards little space. If any of you out there can relate, awesome! If not, that’s okay! I still love you! ❤ Being a non-sexual little, I enter little space feeling truly 5 years old. My mind feels light and free. I feel innocent, playful, and silly. Sex is the last thing on my mind. In the mindset of being 5, I don’t feel like giving head. I don’t feel like grinding on my Daddy’s lap. I want to sing, color, dance, and play outside. I want to talk a million miles a minute and make the people around me giggle. I want to throw glitter into the air and make the world feel happy and free too! I feel…. well…. like a child! To me, as a non-sexual little, childhood should be a space of purity and the ability to allow your imagination to bloom and unfold. There is a time and space for sex, and there is a time and space to be Little. This is simply how I behave within my little space. No judgement if yours is different from mine. 🙂

III. How to Give Tasks to Your Non-Sexual Little: 

If you have a Little who is a non-sexual Little, I’d like to dive in here for a moment to discuss how to give them daily tasks. The Captain and I separate tasks depending upon my mood. In the mornings, we take 5 seconds for him to ask me, “How are you feeling?”. This isn’t him checking on my emotional well being. This is him wondering if I feel like “Big Me” or “Little Me” today. I either respond “Kitten Kaboodle” (my little name) or “Tink!” (my slave name). It takes us all of 5 seconds to do, but it helps him (as my dominant) know what type of tasks to create for the day. If I’m feeling small, he will design tasks that are non-sexual but allow me to get into the little mindset. Some of these include:

  • Watching a cartoon show on YouTube or Disney +
  • Coloring a picture for Daddy
  • Record a video on my phone of me singing a happy song 🙂 (and then text it to him)
  • Write a silly poem or story via email and send it to Daddy
  • Make a lunch for us that is in bite sized pieces

If your Little is a non-sexual little, I encourage you to come up with creative ways to push them into little space through the use of tasks. It can be loads of fun to be with your Little, just playing and having fun with an innocent mindset. 🙂 I promise!

IV. Daily Gentle Guidance Exercise: Discover What Type of Little YOUR Little Really Is! 

Did you know that being Little is a sliding scale? It’s a spectrum of ages, ways of regression, and self-expression. There are littles who identify as littles, middles, or adult babies, and littles who are completely undecided! There are littles who prefer to incorporate toys, clothing, etc. and littles who don’t use anything at all! There are littles who express themselves as littles and regress into the mindset, and those who keep it all privately in their mind. The common thread is that we all have that “inner child” within us that is special and unique in our own way.

Today I challenge you to discover what your submissive’s “inner child” really looks like. Find out who they are deep inside. Learn if they are a sexual or non-sexual little. Explore what their favorite things are in little space. Learn what taboo fantasies (if any!) they have in their mind. Go deep into your little’s psyche. The more you know and learn, the better you will be able to guide your sub.

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here, and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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