Day 18 of The Dominant’s Den: Learning to Care for Your Little’s Bodily Functions

The Dominant's Den

Good Afternoon Friends!

I have been waiting with bated breath for this post to come around on the list. Oh, how I love talking about things that some people squirm at. I love lifting the veil on topics that are “taboo” or on things that are stigmatized. And bodily functions definitely fits the bill. Today we’re going to discuss how you, as the dominant, can better support your Little in the physical day to day activities by providing gentle care-giving surrounding their bodily functions. Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in!

I. Post-Coital Aftercare:Β 

Cum! Jizz! Spunk! Whatever you want to call it, sex can get messy from time to time. Knowing how to care for your sub in aftercare is essential. We often discuss the emotional support needed after sex (to prevent sub drop). But rarely do we discuss the actual physical clean up of a delicious play session. This is important. The first tip I would encourage you to do, I actually learned from a dominant-friend of mine. He and I had a long distance play session once, and immediately after I came, he told me to drink a glass of water. I have no clue why I had never thought of that before! (Shout to you, my friend, you know who you are and you follow my blog! Thank you. You’re awesome. πŸ˜‰ ). When you orgasm, you’re releasing fluids. Your body wants to replenish the liquid lost, not to mention that many times sex can be sweaty and hot. So keep a bottle of water near the bed and make sure your little one (and you!) stay hydrated during aftercare.

The second piece of advice I would give is to encourage your sub to pee after sex. Snuggles are nice and cream-pies are grand, but U.T.I.’s and vaginal infections…. not so much. Gently nudge your sub to use the restroom after sex. By doing so, they will be cleansing their vagina and urethra from potentially harmful bacteria. Go a step further and keep some diaper wipes by the bed. In the South, we call this a “ho bath” (lol). But in all seriousness, diaper wipes on hot, sticky skin feels amazing! Use them to freshen up “south of the border” for you, and for your partner.

Lastly, before you hop into that shower and strip the sheets on the bed…. clean your toys! Yes, part of the Caregiver mindset is remembering that whatever toys you put into your sub should be clean and sterile every single time. You don’t want to forget and give your submissive an infection. Cover your bases and do a little toy maintenance.

II. Period Sex Isn’t Gross:Β 

Can I get an “amen” for period sex?! No? Okay, then let me do a little “sweet talkin’ ” and see if I can convince you. πŸ˜‰ Throughout history, women have long been shunned over having their period. In many cultures, women are told to “go off” during their cycle and keep themselves apart for the duration of their flow. They are told that their period is dirty, bad luck, gross, impure, etc. And if I’m keeping it real… nothing fires me up more than that kind of speech against women. No woman in the history of the world ever said, “yes, I absolutely love getting my period once a month, every month, for the next 30 years”. Heck no! And while I am somewhat conservative, I am also the daughter of a liberal, feminist and I am here to declare that:


*Cue me dancing around with a megaphone*. Did you know that having sex while on your period actually helps your partner? The muscles that normally cramp up, relax. An orgasm pushes everything south, thus making the blood flow finish sooner. And if you’re super squeamish about blood… wear a condom! πŸ™‚ I’m not suggesting you go get your “red wings” or anything like that. But your partner bleeding should never prevent you from being intimate. Toss down some towels (as blood washes right out), and go to pound town. I tip my sparkly cap to you, dominants! ❀

III. Creating Your Lovies Kit 101:Β 

We’ve spoken at length on here about incorporating “the lovies” (or a hygiene routine), here on the blog. Now we’re going to dive into the BEST items to keep around the home to make caring for your Little that much easier:

  • Diaper wipes: This is an absolute must. Keep them next to the bed and in the car. You never know when your little will have a bit of schmutz on their cheek. πŸ˜‰
  • Hand sanitizer: I love keeping a bottle in the car after pumping gas, but go the extra step and keep one in and around the home. You can always squirt your hands, and then tenderly rub sanitizer over your Little’s hands too.
  • Baby powder: Make sure that you get fragrance free powder for babies and you’re good to go! (Talcum powder around the vagina is a no-no). Apply and tenderly rub it over your submissive’s thighs, bum, tummy, chest, etc. It smells great and will make them feel extra fresh and dry.
  • Lotion: Everyone has their “go to” lotion, but I prefer to keep it as natural as possible. My recommendation is Hempz Green Tea and Asian Pear lotion. It smells heavenly and is very natural.
  • Hair brush: wooden hair brushes prevents damage to the hair follicle, so I encourage you to pick one up for cheap. But you can also use whatever you have on hand. Take time to brush your Little’s hair. It’s so relaxing! (Brownie points if you give your sub a gentle love-spank with it. πŸ˜‰ Not too hard now, hehe!).
  • Heating Pad or Weighted Blanket: If your Little likes to feel protected, or has anxiety, I highly recommend having a heating pad or weighted blanket on hand… or both! Personally, heat relaxes me when my anxiety tries to creep in. As such, I have to recommend my all-time favorite heating pad, Sunbeam’s Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders (retail: $25 USD). Y’all… this heating pad is the BEST I’ve ever had, and it’s still going strong after years of near-daily use.
  • Foot Pumice: No one likes snuggling up to feet that feels like sand paper (lol). So take a moment and invest in a good foot pumice. It’s great to have on hand and will keep you and your Little’s feet smooth and soft.

IV. Gentle Daily Guidance Exercise: How to Clean Your Little

For today’s gentle guidance exercise, I challenge you to use diaper wipes to clean your little’s princess parts. Now, before you get the “deer in headlights” look, let’s all take a breath. As always, please only do this activity IF (and only if) your submissive has consented to it. I’m going to assume that you and your sub have had “boomies” and she is laying down with a pretty cream-pie. We’re going to go over the basics of how to wipe down a vagina because over the years I’ve seen many men that look puzzled (or nervous) at how to clean up a mess down there. Are you ready? Then, let’s begin! ❀

  1. Grab your diaper wipe and always wipe from front to back. This will prevent exposing bacteria from the anus region to the vaginal opening.
  2. Understand that you need to be gentle. Think of our vaginal lips as flower petals. You want to clean them, but they don’t need to be scrubbed lol.
  3. Be prepared to use multiple wipes to get the job done. If you came everywhere down there, or if you both squirted… get several wipes. Take your time and slowly wipe her clean.
  4. Don’t forget to go all the way down from the front to her bum. Gravity wins, my friends and your cum is now trickling down to her rump. Don’t forget to clean that area too.
  5. After you’re done cleaning her up with diaper wipes, feel free to move on to using baby powder. But avoid putting powder on the inner part of her vagina.

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here, and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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