Paloqueth’s Under the Bed Restraint System [Product Review]

Good Morning Friends!

I’m back with another product review from amazing adult toy company, Paloqueth! Now, if you haven’t heard of them, don’t fret. Paloqueth is a company that I’ve been working with for a while to give honest reviews of their products. I don’t get paid. I simply pick a product to try, review it, and give you all my honest feedback. In truth, I’ve yet to find a product that I don’t like! Their toys are top quality and I was especially blown away by their clit sucker toy, which you can read about here. πŸ˜‰

Today we’re going to discuss the: BDSM Restraints Kit (retail: $19.69 USD).

First, can I get a “woot woot” for a restraint kit that is affordable? Woohoo!! Now that we got that out of our system, let me gush about this little package of fun. As a Little, I’m not the biggest masochist in the room. Getting tied up is still new for me, so when I saw this kit I was intrigued. It looked very simple to put together. You don’t need to learn elaborate shibari knots. You don’t need to worry about tying something so tight that you could actually injure your partner. Nope! Instead, these cuffs come with thick memory-foam like padding and Velcro that allows the sub to be restrained, but still remain comfortable.


Here’s what I LOVE about this restraint system:

  • The cuffs are super comfortable and can also be tightened to give the sensation of being restrained without pain.
  • The under the bed kit allows for fast set up.
  • It’s portable, so if you want to take your kinky adventures on the road… you totally can!
  • It comes with a feather tickler (and blindfold) for people diving into sensory play.
  • There are multiple metal hoops on both the top and bottom so you can spread your limbs apart to various degrees. (All mobility levels can use this kit. Weee!)
  • It’s VERY affordable. Hooray for a sex toy/kit that is budget-friendly!

Okay, now let me gush about my personal experience with this kit. The Captain and I, as you all know, sleep in hammocks. This is an under the bed restraint system. So last night we tiptoed out of the bedroom and had a sleepover on the pull out sofa bed. This made things that much more exciting to have a fun change of pace. Like two giddy kids we set everything up and then I laid down. “Ooooo I can dig this…” I mumbled, eyeing my limbs restrained in an X at the four corners of the bed.

unnamed (2)

As a Little and a masochist-lite, I was eager to move through the sensation of losing control to my Daddy. He wasted no time diving into the moment. While I’ll leave the graphic details out, I will say that this kit gave us both plenty of smiles and bliss. In fact, we both ended up busting out laughing! As the Captain laid down beside me happy and spent he looked over at my smiley face. “What are you thinking?” he asked me. “Honestly?” I said, and then started giggling. (You know those post-coital “it-was-so-good-that-you-get-the-giggles”… giggles!). “My brain is singing hallelujah music right now” I said, and he busted out laughing.

Yeah, this kit is awesome. ❀

Alright my friends, I hope you all enjoyed this review. If you did, please head on over and browse around Paloqueth to find your own adventures with their products. You won’t regret it! πŸ™‚ You can also check out my other reviews on their products here. Have a wonderful Thursday, and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


  1. Those moments where your mush afterwards are the best! I’ve had the same music plays through my head at one point or another! Was wondering, why do you guys sleep in Hamicβ€˜s? I’ve always found it something interesting and have been meaning to ask. Enjoy your day!

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    1. Great question, Danielle! It’s kind of a silly answer lol. When we moved into the tiny house here, we didn’t have very many belongings. At the time, I was watching an extreme minimalist on YouTube called “Heal Your Living” (she’s awesome). And she sleeps in a hammock. I had never thought about sleeping in a hammock before then.

      When we moved in here there was already some furniture, including a bed. We spent the first night on the bed and those wire springs DUG into our back, girl. So I said, “no no no… this simply won’t do! Let’s try a hammock”. The Captain looked at me perplexed but was down to try.

      Fast forward for about 5 months now. Hammocks are awesome to sleep in… except during winter. And they aren’t as comfy as a memory foam bed which is what we used to have. So, after 5 months of giving it a go, we’re packing up the hammocks into storage and buying a nice bed as of Feb 1. hehe. I hope you have a great day too! πŸ™‚ xx

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