Day 22 of The Dominant’s Den: Small Ways to Help Your Adult Little Regress

The Dominant's Den

Good Evening Friends,

I hope you all have had a beautiful and relaxing day. Tonight, I’m snuggled up with a cup of cocoa thinking about all of the ways that I regress. Most of the time I go skipping into little space at the drop of a hat. But then there are other times where I need a shove from the Captain. I need my dominant to guide me into the head space. After living with each other for 7 years now, he knows when I need little space to decompress and just let go. Tonight we’re going to discuss simple ways that you can navigate your adult little into little space. Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in.

I. When They Go Little, Take a Bit More Power:Ā 

In a Cg/l relationship, I’ve found that the best moments in little space happen when my Daddy does things that I could do… but he doesn’t allow me to. For example: I can tie my shoes, but he does it for me. Or, I can just slice my sandwich in half, but he will cut it up into bite size pieces. When you’re trying to navigate your adult little to regress, think about various things that they like to do. Then, do those for them. You can even tenderly remind them that they can’t do said activity because they are too small! By pushing your submissive into little space, you will also be falling deeper into the caregiver role yourself. Be prepared to do more tasks to nurture your Little One. Some excellent ways of guiding them into little space include:

  • Reading them a story
  • Making them hold your hand when you cross the street. (Bonus points if you use two fingers instead of your whole hand for them to grip)
  • Put on and zip up their jacket for them
  • Brush their teeth
  • Scrub their body in the shower
  • Tuck them into bed before they sleep
  • Buckle them into the car when you go out
  • Have them walk on the inside of the sidewalk when you go out together. (Remind them that they have to walk on the inside because they’re just a little girl/boy).

The overall commonality to these activities is that your Little can normally do them on their own. But when you’re trying to push your sub into little space, you want to really make them feel small. You want them to feel so tiny (like a child!) that they are unable to do them without your help. šŸ˜‰

II. Use Phrases to Guide Your Little into Regressing:Ā 

Nothing makes us Littles do a happy dance more than when our dominant says, “Who’s my special girl/boy?”. I don’t know about you, but I dance on my tiptoes and shout, “Me! Me! Me!” whenever my Daddy asks me that question. The words you say are equally as powerful as your actions when you’re trying to set up little space. Remember, little space is a suspension of the mind. It’s a feeling within that your submissive craves as they yearn to feel small, weak, and wanting to be protected. It’s the desire to regress to a young age of innocence, silliness, and pure joy. Here are some phrases that always shift me instantly into the mindset, and perhaps you can use this with your Little too:

  • How old are you?
  • Let me help you with that. You’re too tiny to do that on your own.
  • Alright, it’s bedtime for you, Little One.
  • Tell Daddy what’s on your mind.
  • Who’s Daddy’s special girl?
  • Come here Little One <pats lap>
  • No, you’re not. You’re only 5 and need Daddy’s help. (This is usually in response to a grumpy statement that I make, for ex: “I’m a big girl! I can do it myself!”. When he says this, I always giggle! šŸ™‚ ).
  • It’s nap time, Kitten. Come lay down now.

III. Other Ways to Keep Little Space Alive While Apart:Ā 

There will be many times when you’re working, or your Little is working, and you can’t be together. Perhaps your little is feeling all stressed out on their lunch break and in need of a few minutes of regression to just mentally relax? Here are a few quick ways to ignite little space within them from a distance:

  • Text back and forth with your little while speaking with them in the mindset of Cg/l.
  • Send your Little silly memes or fun songs that make them happy or small. (I recommend this one!) šŸ˜‰
  • Tell your Little cheesy jokes to make them laugh.
  • Leave sweet notes from Daddy/Mommy to remind them how much they are loved
  • Video chat or send voice messages talking to your Little while in dom-mode. This will absolutely make their day!

IV. Daily Gentle Guidance Exercise: Hold hands and walk around with your Little…. the Little way!Ā 

There is something magical about holding hands. You can take comfort and protection from their hand in yours. It’s that intentional act of walking together in time as you’re out and about. While you are attuned to your surroundings, your hands intertwined become the anchor through everything. Tonight I challenge you to hold hands with your Little… the Little way! Instead of holding hands palm to palm, or fingers interlaced, try extending your pointer and middle finger. Have your Little grip and hold onto two fingers as you walk about together. They will feel tiny and you will surely fall right into the Caregiver mindset!


Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here. (We’re almost to 400 followers!! Hooray!! You all are the BEST!). And I will see you back here in the morning for the next topic! ā¤

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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