Spotlight Interview: Jecture!

Good Morning Friends,

Happy Superbowl LIV! Happy Groundhog Day! Happy Sunday, everyone! Today we are kicking things off with a spotlight interview over a dear friend of mine, Jecture. 🙂 I chose to interview my friend, Jecture, for several reasons:

  • First off, he’s a blogger like me. So I hope you all hop over and check out his blog. Smash that follow button and show him some love.
  • Second, he’s a male submissive and in my (tiny) opinion, I think there needs to be more representation for male submissives.
  • Third, he’s experienced at play parties and S&M while being a Middle/Little! So, I believe he can bring a new light to this space in his own unique way.

Now let me gush a bit and tell you about Jecture. He is one of those people who is truly a gentle soul. From the moment I met him, I knew he was truly a kind man. He is playful and deeply thinking. He’s a music junkie like me, and appreciates a wonderful cup of coffee. I love that he is sure of himself and is quite active on Fetlife. (If you’re on Fetlife, go send him a friend invite! ❤ ).

As Jecture and I got to know each other, I was so moved by his story. With his permission, I’m going to share a piece of it here. Jecture first came into the lifestyle under the love and guidance of Mistress Danielle. (If you’re on Fetlife, send her some love and follows there as: Putyourlipsonme). 🙂 Mistress Danielle was the first Domme to ignite a spark within Jecture and help him see the submission within himself. Memories like that are priceless. So much so, in fact, that the two remain close, loving friends to this day.

As Jecture continued his journey as a submissive, he went on to meet another Domme named, Mistress Deb. Mistress Deb was a wonderful woman and the Goddess-Owner of Jecture for quite sometime. She was a tender, caring, beautiful woman who helped guide Jecture in many ways. In October 2019, about a week after Jecture’s birthday, she passed away at home by her mother’s side due to health issues in her brain. She will forever be missed, and remembered as a wonderful Mistress, daughter, friend, and woman.

Losing a dominant is difficult for anyone to experience, but a dominant dying is profoundly painful. Yet, because of Mistress Deb’s love and light that she left behind, Jecture and Deb’s friends and family could find peace at her celebration of life gathering.

Now then, I’m sure you’re just as excited as I am to dive into this interview and really get to know my dear friend, Jecture. So let’s go! ❤


Name: Jecture aka Edward
Age: 39
How you identify within BDSM: I’m a submissive
Status (single, taken, looking, etc.): Single and looking
BDSM Questions:
1.     How did you first come into the BDSM lifestyle?
A girl I lived with showed me Fetlife then threw a play party. My mind was opened and I’ve been exploring ever since.
2.     When you first entered the lifestyle, did you know that you are a submissive? If not, how did you discover your submission?
It was what my first Mistress said that she was looking for. It just feels right.
3. What was your first impact play session like? 

Mistress Deb started off by wrapping me in cellophane. The hits started off with a flogger, then after I had been warned up she switched first to a paddle, then a cane. After the cane she used a crop on me. All this happened ankles to neck.

Those watching expressed an incredible amount of energy we threw off while playing.

4. What is your favorite impact play tool and why?

I have a favorite but it’s situational. I prefer the whip hands down but they aren’t for every situation, I also like flogged because with a heavy flogger you can feel the weight and strength behind the hit. I like whips because when done right it feels like being kissed and leaves nice marks.

5. What has been one pivotal moment in your life where BDSM has helped you? 
Saying goodbye to Mistress Deb when she passed away. The energy released as we celebrated her life celebrated all our shared experiences and allowed me to move on.
6. What is your favorite aspect about being a submissive?
Knowing that the service I provide is appreciated and welcome. Whatever the service is.
7.  What is your favorite form of service to provide for your Domme?
two forms of service, the first I loved helping Mistress Deb shop both for clothes and food and kinky toys being her guy who held it all so that she didn’t need to. The second one is servicing her sexual needs for as long and often she had need both orally as well as mixing bits together.
8. I noticed that you’ve been to local dungeons. What is your favorite thing to do at play parties?
Getting whipped, flogged and caned. Hell even fire play is fun but it feels good to be a canvas for an artist.
9. As someone who is a masochist-lite over here, I would love it if you could break down the typical protocol of play parties for everyone, from your experience.
Typical protocol for play parties (when I was partnered) was to greet the hosts before anything else expression of gratitude for hosting at which time normally we received instructions on where to set up and if we hadn’t attended before house rules.
After this play would commence as indicated in the instructions given by the hosts.
10. What has been your favorite experience at a play party?
Lady T has several times whipped me gracefully into subspace. It is always a pleasure to visit SS.
11. Do you have any wild stories that you’d be willing to share? (No names mentioned of course 😉 ).
Nothing too wild as maybe wild means something different to many people but I can say with certainty that most of the play parties I attended in Kelowna BC are way more active and wild than anything I have experienced in the lower mainland of BC.
12. Do you think there is an under-representation of male submissions within the D/s lifestyle? If so, why and how can we change that?
Male submissives under represented? Most definitely not, more than that an under representation of Dommes. While browsing Fetlandia I see nothing but two things, adds from male subs and adds from ProDommes or Findommes. Not to say that everyone saying they are a sub are speaking truth but is it easier to be like everyone else on face value or is it just they haven’t done the soul searching to find if they truly are submissive or not?
13. What advice would you give to other submissives just entering the lifestyle?
Ask questions. Always learn more, knowledge is power and knowing yourself is the best goal to pursue.
** Bonus Question: **
1.     What would the perfect D/s or M/s relationship look like for you? (Single dominants take heed! ❤ ) 
Dominant led, ideally with both sensual and impact as the Domme desires because it’s supposed to be about making their life better with their sub meeting and helping to attain the goals of the Dominant.
Ideally there would be a relationship with trust, honesty and co-dependence based on assigned responsibilities. Every dominant is different in what they desire, but ultimately what they say goes for good or ill.


Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Jecture. Head on over to his blog and show him some love. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here, and I will see you back here for the next topic! Have a great day, friends!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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