30 Days of Little Space Challenge, Day 3: Watch Your Favorite Disney Movie


Good Morning Friends,

This morning I peeled my eyes open. I had gotten to bed late and my 6 am alarm greeted me in the most jarring way. I slapped my phone and sighed. It’s Monday and today I’m going to the doctor to get antibiotics for this stupid cough. I hate going to the doctor. As a curvy woman, going to the doctor always means having “the talk” about my weight when I go in for other things. (Today being the common cold). I woke up feeling Little, vulnerable, nervous, and needing support from my Daddy. I reached over to him and felt his warm arm. I gave it a light squeeze and his eyes fluttered open.

I bit my lower lip and gave him one look as our eyes connected. Just that look was enough for him to see that my anxiety was a bit higher today. He moved over to pull me close. The little part of me comes flaring to life when my anxiety is heightened. I pressed my face into his stomach wanting to squash down my emotions. “I hate Mondays” I said against his skin. “No,” he chuckled, “you hate going to the doctor”. I know, Daddy. You’re right again.Ā 

Ever so slowly I looked up at him and sighed. I needed Little Space, but it was a weekday morning. This meant that the hustle and bustle of the day would begin in less than an hour. “Come on” he said and kissed my forehead. Pulling me close onto the couch we snuggled up to watch “The Proud Family” on Disney Plus. I like this Disney show a lot and it reminds me of a happy time when I was much, much younger…

When I was 10 years old my parents divorced. Shortly thereafter I ended up living with my Dad in upstate New York. The town where we lived had a small school right across the street. It was the tiniest school I had ever seen. It looked like a long rectangle that ran down the length of the very small street we lived on. I played on the playground when school was out and wandered around the field by myself. But my favorite part of the school was the library. There was a super small public library attached on the very end. It was as if someone had built a single room and shoved as many bookshelves as humanly possible into this one room. A single desk sat at the front with an old librarian ready to stamp out our books. (They used to stamp them to check them out back then. šŸ˜‰ ). I loved every moment of being in there.


Hidden away in the corner of this library was the children’s section. With few friends in my life, I turned to books to keep my heart and head occupied. And one of my favorite series was, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”. Oh how I laughed reading these chapter books! I loved the silly adventures they got into. I loved their nicknames, and the humor in each story. I checked out book after book until I had read the whole series. Today, as I snuggled up with my Daddy watching “The Proud Family”, I was reminded of those books. It felt like home. It felt comforting. And it soothed my heart.

Today I challenge YOU to watch a Disney movie that feels like home. Whether you’re into Disney princesses, the Disney short films, a Pixar movie, or Star Wars, Disney has something for everyone to enjoy. Allow yourself to regress for a few minutes as you tune out the world and relax. Allow the movie to make you feel small, happy, and content. Let’s dive into this week feeling optimistic and productive. I know we can do it! šŸ™‚

Sending you all big hugs and lots of love, and I will see you back here tonight!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

**Here is “The Proud Family” theme song, sung by Solange, Beyonce, and Destiny’s Child**


  1. Good luck at the doctor! There has been a cough floating around here for the past week and a bit as well! Hopefully the medication helps get rid of yours.

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  2. i’m so glad you two developed a language to communicate your need for this. Sometimes, it is just a comfort to have them close by while we start to focus on something small. ā¤ Not all doctors talk about weight. Mine doesn't. Thank God.

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