Waking Up in Little Space [Happy Rambles]


Good Morning Friends,

This morning I opened my eyes and smiled. I was so warm and snug in my bed. Daddy was already up getting dressed for work. It was Monday, but I was still clinging to the fun weekend we had spent together working on the farm. My muscles were happily sore from laying down gravel to create a new path around the gazebo. (Pictures to come!). But in that moment I felt so blissfully content, so small, and Little. The week off of daily blogging has rejuvenated my soul and allowed me a chance to have fun and simply be. Thank you all for your loving comments and patience as I’ve taken a small break from this space.

Waking up in the Little head space allowed me to dive into my morning routine, and I thought it might be fun to share with you a few new fun, Little things that I discovered this past week that I’m now incorporating on a daily basis:

I. New Little Music: 

I am a music junkie and as such I’m constantly on the hunt for music that makes me feel uplifted, but also Little! This French artist named Cecile Corbel is a fantastic singer/songwriter that I’ve begun listening to. She has several songs that make me feel Little including:


II. Little Snacks That Are Also Healthy: 

Daddy and I have been swapping out snacks around here lately for more healthier options. At first I was worried. I love my goldfish. I adore the mickey mouse veggie chips! And I love the mini cheese crackers. But alas, they do have quite a bit of sodium. So, Daddy replaced my usual Little-snacks with healthier options and I have to say… I’m really enjoying it! Here are a few things I’m snacking on lately that I give my paw-print of approval:

  • Trader Joe’s 12 grain crackers (sooo delicious!!)
  • Trader Joe’s Teriyaki Seaweed Snacks
  • Heirloom Popcorn with Avocado Oil and Sea Salt (** These pieces of popcorn are actually miniature sized which makes it the perfect Little snack **).
  • Roasted Coconut Chips (If you love the flavor of coconut, like me, then you will adore these crispy, flavorful strips of coconut!)


III. Mental Health and Self-Care: 

Over the weekend Daddy and I had many discussions about what my Little Space would look like moving forward. We went into those places that felt uncomfortable to talk about. We dove into the layers of my mind that felt vulnerable and still hurting from the break up with Daddy C. No doubt there was residual pain. But we went there, and I shared my feelings at length with him. It felt good and deeply healing. I had been moving at such a breakneck speed that I never really took time to grieve the loss of the relationship with Cernnunos. Finally I gave myself space to do so. It was difficult, but now I feel at peace and I hope he is at peace out there too.

With the heavy emotions lifted from my chest I was finally able to dive back into Little Space with my Daddy. He’s such a patient man and so understanding. This past weekend we snuggled up on the couch and watched “Instant Hotel” (on Netflix). It’s such a fun show based out of Australia. Being able to be Little and vulnerable has helped lift my mental health significantly. I’ve been able to use my Little Space as a source of healing and relaxation. I have been able to have fun and let my worries go. And perhaps that is the greatest gift in a Cg/l relationship: getting time to simply be your unique, unbridled, self, free from the worries of adulthood. 🙂

IV. Cherishing Dear Friends: 

The last point that I’d like to mention is the importance of friendships, even online ones! Across this vast planet I have made a few, very dear friends to me. As I’ve been healing over the past week it was these several special people that took time to email, text, and reach out to let me know that they simply cared about my well being. It meant the world to me, and reminded me how important friendships are. I think it’s easy to get so busy that we forget to nurture those relationships. We fly by in a blur of tasks, chores, work, etc. and forget that sometimes it’s nice to pen a letter, or have a drink with a mate. To the few friends who reached out, (and you know who you are), thank you from the bottom of my heart. I feel so blessed to have you in my life.

Alright my friends, as it is Valentine’s Week, I hope you’re taking time to do something special and loving for yourself and with someone you love. May you carve out time to be Little and bask in hearts, chocolates, and plushies. May you dance to new music and enjoy being small. Have a beautiful start to the week and I will see you back here for the next post!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


  1. Yeah, I use talking about the deep stuff as a time to confide in my Daddy and allow myself to deepen my trust in him. I like the idea of letting go of the heavy stuff to get back to a preferential headspace. Noted! Hmmm. Music is so good. I’ve been making my own little playlist from Spotify! Friends make me feel very little indeed! I get to enojy myself being around them, just how I enjoy my Daddy and myself while in little space. I love enjoyment! Good on highlighting the unhealthy snacks marketed to kids! Hope you find even more delicious “smallish” foods to subscribe to! Maybe think, “If I wouldn’t give it to my kids, I won’t give it to me!” :DDDD Maybe you all can experiment with making, buying, and eating healthy, fun-friendly snacks! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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