The Best 10 Gadgets For Every Long Distance Couple!


Good Afternoon Friends!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! How are you? Are you over there enjoying chocolate and flowers? Are you snuggled up to a plushie, video chatting with your S.O.? Are you having some special cuddles with your adorable family fur-baby? 🙂 Whatever you’re doing to celebrate this day of love I hope you’re feeling happy and relaxed. Today I compiled a list of 10 “must have’s” that every long distance D/s couple would enjoy.

I remember the days when the Captain and I were long distance. When we met online we lived several states apart. Thankfully we were in the same time zone, but it was killer when we had our first date (which was actually a long weekend together) and then it was time to go home. We had no idea when we would see each other again. Even after I moved down into the same state as him, we spent way too many gallons of gasoline driving up and down the 101 just to see each other for a precious 24 hours. It was during those months that we hung onto every picture, video chat, and item that we passed back and forth. Admittedly I snatched one of his shirts to cuddle at night, and well…. he took one of my knickers! (Hehe!). You do what you’ve gotta do, right? 😉

These days there are many products out there to link up long distance couples and make the geographical gap just a little bit easier to manage. Are you all ready to explore these products? Then, let’s dive in! ❤

I. Countdown! App- Cost: FREE 

Who doesn’t sit there and countdown until they see their partner again? I know I had a wall calendar where I would X out the dates until I could see my hubby again. These days you don’t have to be so old school with pen and paper. Simply download this app, plug in the date of your event, and voila! Now you have a countdown to look forward to! 🙂


II. Letters for Every Moment- Cost: $6 USD for envelopes on Amazon

If your partner is the type to cherish a handwritten letter, consider making 12 ahead of time. Set aside a weekend and sit down with a pad of paper and get writing! Write out what you love about them. Write about how much you miss them. Pour out your hopes, dreams, and wishes for your future together. Put it down into 12 beautiful letters. Mark each one with a month of the year. (Don’t forget to make one their birthday!). Then, tuck the letters into their suitcase when they are ready to go back home. Each month they will be able to open a letter and have a boost of handwritten love from you to them! ❤


III. Edible Bouquet- Cost: $60-80 USD or 40-60 British Pounds

I’ve never been a fan of getting flowers. If you want to buy me flowers, I always encourage giving them in a pot so they can be planted in the garden. (Honey, are you listening? lol). But I digress. Consider sending your partner an edible bouquet of fruit instead of flowers! It’s delicious, healthy, and so pretty to look at! Edible Arrangements is a large company here in the U.S. but Edible Bouquets is also available in the U.K. too!


IV. Bond Touch Bracelets- Cost: $98 USD for a pair 

It looks like a FitBit and acts like a hug! These sleek looking bracelets are designed to vibrate and light up whenever you or your partner touches them. Simply tap the top of your bracelet to send a “hug” to your partner thousands of miles away. Their bracelet will vibrate letting them know that you’re thinking of them, and they can tap to send you a hug too! These bracelets are waterproof so you can keep it on 24 hours a day and never be apart from your partner. Now how romantic is that?! ❤

V. The Touch: A Ring That Allows You to Feel Your Partner’s Heartbeat in Real Time – Cost: $1,190 USD per pair

Can you imagine wearing an elegant band on your finger that gently pulses when you tap it? Your partner isn’t disturbed, but you can tap into their heartbeat and literally feel their heartbeat from thousands of miles away. Likewise, when they crave your touch they can tap their ring and feel your heartbeat right there on their ring finger. It’s intimate, beautiful, and highly sophisticated. Check out the HB Ring here.


VI. Friendship (or Relationship!) Lamps- Cost: $185 USD for a set of 2

I know I keep sharing this gadget with you, but I think it’s just too stunning and innovative not to! These lanterns are an elegant lamp to place in your home and connect with your partner from afar. Simply tap your lamp to make your partner’s lamp light up from a distance. (You can even send them select colors too!). Then they can tap their lamp to light up yours and let you know that they’re thinking about you too. For long distance couples I can see using the multiple colors feature to have code colors for your feelings or tasks. If your lamp lights up red, maybe you want a play session. If your lamp lights up blue that means you’re sad and missing them. There are so many ways to take this simple device and weave it into your D/s relationship! Available on Amazon.


VII. Vibease Remote Control Vibrator- Cost: $99 USD 

Obviously one of the most difficult aspects of being in a long distance relationship is the lack of physical touch and intimacy. Well, never fear… because Vibease is here, my friends! This remote control vibrator allows partners to open their app and pleasure their partner from a distance. You can even sync up the vibe to your favorite audiobook and enjoy self-pleasure too! Here are some other fantastic features:

  • Lightweight, hands-free wearable silicone vibrator for perfect discretion
  • Solo fun or as a great accompaniment to foreplay
  • Sync the vibration with your favorite erotic audiobooks
  • Stay intimate with your partner from anywhere
  • Fully customizable vibration with your preferred strength and pattern
  • USB rechargeable. Up to 3 hours of play, no more batteries
  • Waterproof for fun moments in the shower


VIII. Dual Time Zone Watch- Cost: $60 USD 

How many times have you Googled, “What time is it in….<insert your partner’s city>”? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve done that in several long distance relationships, and let me tell you… it’s not fun. When you’re really far apart (especially internationally), it’s easy to get mixed up on what time it is at your partner’s house. The solution? A dual time zone watch! Now you can simply look at your wrist and see what time it is at home and at their house! Tada! Problem solved. Available on Amazon. ❤


IX. DDLG Keychains!- Cost: About $30 USD on Etsy

When it comes to jewelry the Captain doesn’t wear much. If your partner isn’t into the bling, but you still want them to have a piece of you, then check out these DDLG-themed keychains! They can have a tiny bit of you each time they are up and on the go. There are many varieties to browse Etsy and pick out the perfect set to fit your relationship!


X. The Lovebox- Cost: $100 USD 

I am absolutely over the moon excited to tell you about this last product. The Lovebox is a device where one partner logs into the Lovebox app and types a message to their partner. On the receiving end, the other partner sees the heart on their box swirl to indicate that a new message is coming in. Then, they lift the lid to reveal their new love note! It’s absolutely perfect for long distance couples.


Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, (don’t forget to give yourself some love too!), and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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