The New Long Distance Cg/l Relationship Contract! [FREE Printable]


Good Evening Friends!

I hope you all have had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Tonight I’m snuggled up here in bed wearing my favorite pajamas. It has been a quiet evening full of snuggles, and okay… chocolate. 😉 The Captain and I curled up watching episodes of “Lucifer” and giggling as we canoodled all night long. It made me thankful for his touch and the ability to be together each and every day. It wasn’t always like that, and having been in long distance relationships before, I can attest that it isn’t easy.

The Captain will tell you that when we used to be long distance I didn’t handle it well. We would hop on Skype to chat and I would turn into a puddle of tears missing him terribly. Hours would roll by and I hung onto every text and emoji that we sent back and forth. Finally after nearly 9 months of being long distance we said, “F-it” and the Captain moved down to be with me here on the beach. ❤ Those long distance days were hard, which is why tonight’s post is dedicated to all L.D.R. couples out there.

Being D/s and being long distance is a difficult, yet achievable relationship to have. Unlike the first Cg/l Relationship Contract that I created a while ago, I knew that a long distance contract needed a different format. In this free printable you will find all the usual sections of the D/s contract including: rules, preferred names, safewords, hard limits, and soft limits. But then the contract shifts a bit. Long distance relationships rely upon various resources to make them work. It takes tons of communication to make up for the lack of daily physical touch. As such, I curated a giant list of messenger apps, video chat programs, long distance date ideas, and long distance tools, for every L.D.R. couple to try and enjoy.

I have always been an advocate for having a D/s relationship contract because it sets the tone and foundation for your relationship. You create rules together and write them down to incorporate into your daily life. You consent to certain punishment and discipline methods that feels right to you both. There are many variables, and having a document to keep it all organized certainly helps.

So it is my deepest wish that this printable helps all of you beautiful, long distance couples. May you have many, many happy years together. Sending you so much love from the Captain and I. And now without further delay, here is the Cg/l contract!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

** Click here to print off the Long Distance Cg/l Relationship Contract! ** 

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