Rainy Days and Quiet Nights [Happy Rambles]

Good Afternoon Friends,

Today is Wednesday and for the past several days it has been raining. For many, this is no big deal. But as a Californian, we stare at the sky and marvel when it rains. While the world turns with ever-flowing news, my local community has had non-stop downpours to the point where we lost power all night long last night. At first, my very technology-oriented family just about had a meltdown. But then we decided to find happiness in the literal darkness. I thought I would share some pretty pictures from our rain-soaked adventures. 🙂 I hope you enjoy. ❤

Here on the farm everything has turned muddy. And while most people wouldn’t want to go out to play, I enjoyed walking up and down the driveway seeing all of the snails come out to eat…



The birds and the chickens were chirping and clucking away eating roly-poly bugs that came to the surface of the ground. They were feasting like kings! Cosmos (my cat) on the other hand, was sulking in his perch waiting for a break in the clouds so that he could get in a few minutes of hunting (lol)…


I love the beginnings of Spring. It’s like the whole world begins to wake up again. The air is crisp but not cold. Plants begin to bloom after being dormant for months. And there is always something to marvel at…



Cold days and dreary nights has given me the perfect excuse to cook dishes that are hearty and a bit more comforting. One of my favorite things to cook is chicken pot pie. It’s super simple to pull together and really “sticks to your ribs”. 😉


As the power outage forced us to light candles and read in the silence, I soaked up the moment fully. My world completely slowed down. It was as if fate had granted me a moment of reprieve from my daily consumption of the news and this Coronavirus epidemic. “Slow down” my life said, and so I did.

With a few pantry staples I pulled together a simple 3-ingredient peach cobbler, finished reading “The Mister” by: E.L. James, and relished the sound of raindrops against our tin roof.


May we all take time to slow down… with or without power, hehe! Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone! ❤

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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