Using This Pandemic as an Anchor for My Submission [Happy Rambles]

Good Morning Friends,

It’s Saturday morning and I’m feeling relaxed. The Captain’s office has been shut down for the next 2 weeks (at least), and now he’s home safe and sound. My heart feels full to have my family close. Throughout the past couple of weeks since the Coronavirus has been slowly spreading from country to country, I have felt a roller coaster of emotions. There have been moments where my stress and anxiety almost brought me to tears. There have been other moments where I felt empowered, making grocery lists and checking them twice! (Did you hum the jingle in your head too? 😉 ). Yet, throughout all of this the one thing that has kept me grounded and secure is my submission to my husband. I truly love caring and serving his needs. Our love is a gentle, quiet, sure kind of love. We are a D/s couple who is quiet, tender, and compassionate towards one another.

But throughout all this there have been moments that haven’t felt so quiet and gentle. We have been on standby, swallowing a cup full of news with each passing hour, (sometimes because we’ve had to and other times because we chose to). There’s no doubt that this time is a time of uncertainty. Preparation is key.

So, I’ve been using this time as a way to further remind myself of my submission to my husband.

“Hands” I said tenderly to my husband and child. They turned their hands up. I put a squirt of hand sanitizer into their palms as we all cleaned our hands after playing outside. Each day I sanitize those little “forgotten” spots in the house: the computer mouse and keyboard, the doorknobs, and the remote control. With each cup of tea brew I smile to myself, finding joy in the darkness. It feels good to take care of my family. It feels deeply rewarding to protect the Captain as much as I can.

Normally he is the one protecting me.

As the primary breadwinner in our home, he is the one who goes off to the office to earn a paycheck. Together we work hand in hand to make all the wheels in our household flow seamlessly. He listens to me patiently with each nervous ramble, and then re-centers my mind into a happy, loving space. His fingers will brush against my collar to remind me who I belong to, that I am loved, cherished, and adored.

But now I get to protect him.

I feel like Bat… girl, with my belt full of tools and gadgets, only I suppose they are Lysol, a microfiber rag, and a scrub brush (lol). But I feel powerful and important! There is a pandemic. That much is true. But there are also billions of superheroes out there, just like me, who are fighting “the good fight” against this nasty virus. With each spray of chemicals we do, with each mask we pull on, or with each load of laundry we fold… we are an army of superheroes protecting the ones we love.

So, here’s to us, my friends, thank you for being that superhero to your loved ones. Stay strong and keep those chins up!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

Here’s to the silent heroes, like YOU, who are being vigilant every single day… just like Batman! 



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