10 Ways to Have Fun at Home [Self-Isolation Funsies]


Good Afternoon Friends,

It is strange times as we begin another week around here. Normally I would be baking up a storm, going into “high gear” as tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day. But alas, we are home self-isolating in a pandemic which means that everything has shifted. Still, the family and I have found small ways to have fun in these times of uncertainty and I wanted to share our top 10 activities in hopes that it gives you inspiration and a smile. Stay safe, keep scrubbing those hands, and stay well everyone!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

  1. Watch Frozen II: Yes, it’s true!! Disney actually released “Frozen II” on their streaming platform, Disney +, a few months early for everyone to delight and enjoy as we all stay home and stay safe. So enjoy it!! It’s such a fantastic movie. (By the way, Disney + also has all of the Star Wars series, Marvel movies, Pixar films, and more. In short, it’s worth spending the $6.99/month to have unlimited access to their vault of fantastic films.
  2. Bake up a tasty treat! Today the little one and I whipped up a Turmeric Banana Bread that was absolutely sublime. While you’re home in quarantine, spend a few hours baking up a treat for yourself. You can even get all fancy with it and prepare a cup of tea, sit down to your favorite program, and pretend that you’re part of the royal family. πŸ˜‰ No judgment here ❀
  3. Play video games!: The Captain is notorious for saying that he has no time to play video games anymore. Well, now that he is working from home, he has been able to squeeze in time here and there to game and relax. We recommend checking out Steam, Blizzard, and ArenaNet for games to strike your fancy. πŸ™‚
  4. Constellation Hunt: ** Note: Please only do this when you can safely go out and it’s not crowded **. Here on the farm we have been enjoying walking up and down the long driveway to admire nature, get a breath of fresh air, and constellation hunt. We are thankful that the farm is set away from other people, so it’s safe for us to go out. However, please use your own judgment when going out and about.
  5. Workout: While I know many gyms are open, we are all striving to stay home and stay safe. As such, there are a ton of ways to workout at home. Around here we have had dance parties, whipped out the yoga mat to videos, and gone walking all over the farm. Staying home can mean less movement and a feeling of “cabin fever”. Don’t forget to stretch and give your body the chance to simply move around. (Creative Tip: You can even put down painters tape on the floor and make a hopscotch inside! We did that here and it is so fun πŸ™‚ ).
  6. Healthy Snow Cones: When it comes to dessert, all you need for this tasty treat is: ice cubes, a high powered blender, and fruit juice! I know we’re all craving comfort food (ahem, chocolate) during these dark times. But whipping up bowls of shaved ice and flavoring it to your taste is a healthy way to satisfy those sweet cravings. I have a blender that has one of those personal smoothie blender cups with it. To make our shaved ice bowl, simply fill a blender cup with 5-6 ice cubes. Pulse until it turns into “snow”. Pour it in a bowl and drizzle some fresh fruit juice over the top. Tada! You’re done. P.S.- It tastes awesome plain too.
  7. Spring Clean and Declutter: While you may not be able to drop everything off at the local thrift shop right now, you can get into the spirit of Spring by downsizing your home, and giving everything a deep clean. Take the time to completely sanitize your home from top to bottom. It will feel rewarding and give you peace of mind.
  8. Take a Nap or Siesta: Did you know that in the Philippines taking a siesta is normal? πŸ™‚ The Captain relishes the few times when he can squeeze in an afternoon nap. With him home, we have been taking a single hour each afternoon to curl up and simply… sleep. Having a brief moment to nap will give your body the chance to calm down, recharge, and feel centered. I think it’s easy to get swept up in the fear of this pandemic and napping is a simple solution to remain calm and grounded during difficult times. πŸ™‚
  9. Read (or Listen to an Audiobook): We are huge fans of Audible around here, but reading is just as delightful. Turn these quiet hours indoors as the perfect excuse to pick up that book and finish where you started. Or alternatively, nestle up in your most comfortable spot and let your mind drift away with a great audiobook. It’s a wonderful way to let go of stress and feel at peace.
  10. Tap into the Creative Part of Your Brain: Whether you’re doing a D.I.Y. house project, painting a new picture, knitting something cozy, or sketching on the computer, I encourage you to make space to be creative. Skillshare is an excellent platform to take online classes for all sorts of creative skills. (No, this post isn’t sponsored. We just love Skillshare in our home <3). You can also watch YouTube videos or listen to a TED Talk and learn something new! Practice that foreign language you always wanted to learn. Just do something to flex your brain and make you step outside of your usual comfort zone.



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