How My Cat is Teaching Me Walking Meditation [Happy Rambles]

Yogi Cosmos ❤ 

Good Evening Friends!

I have a cat. His name is Cosmos. He was a stray who wandered on the farm one day and has since become a happy, curious guy and a huge part of our family. Today officially marks day 12 of self-isolation, but Cosmos has no idea what’s going on. As usual I wake up before he does. He loves to sleep most of the morning and hunt mostly at night. However, since we’ve all been home… his sleep schedule has changed a bit. We walk around the farm to stretch our legs often. The fresh air feels good. And like a loyal, faithful pup, he walks next to us.

Yes, I have a cat who loves to go for walks by our side. Is that strange cat behavior? I have no idea.

I’m also one of those “crazy cat ladies” who has a full blown conversations with my cat. I talk, he meows, the conversation moves on. Since my world has come to a complete standstill I’ve been watching Cosmos more closely. I’ve been reading his body language. It’s as if he has been communicating with me this entire time, but only since we’ve been home relaxing (and, okay, sometimes bored) have I really paid attention to what he has been saying. Today he taught me the lesson of being still.

Walking meditation is something I’ve always wanted to learn. Since I read about it from Buddhist Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, I’ve wanted to incorporate this form of meditation more into my life.

“We have to walk in a way that we only print peace and serenity on the Earth. Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet”. – Thich Nhat Hanh

But I have a cat. A very clingy, needy, social cat. So, as I was walking up and down the driveway, my feline companion decided to brush against my legs forcing me to stop every few feet and lean down to stroke his back and tail.

“Silly” I cooed with a grin, “I can’t move if you keep stepping on my shoes”.

Cosmos didn’t care. He wanted to be loved on, and he wanted it now. With time not being a high priority today, I stood there and stroked him until he was satisfied. I continued walking. Suddenly he darted in front of me. Again and again he would dart in front of me, stepping on my sneakers until I had no choice but to move as if I was walking with very slow, purposeful steps. I had to creep along our driveway. But in doing so several things happened.

I got to focus on the beauty of nature all around me.

I got to feel thankful for having a cat who would curl his tail around my leg, claiming me just as much as I claim him.

I got to walk, while allowing my mind to roam far away… allowing thoughts to come in as I dissect them.

It was walking meditation, and only my cat slowed me down enough to experience that.

When I finally got back to my front porch I sat there on the steps. Cosmos jumped into my lap. “Thank you, buddy” I whispered. His yellow eyes looked relaxed and peaceful. He slinked into my lap and purred deep from his belly.

He is loved. So very loved.

What has your animal family member taught you? 🙂

Have a beautiful night, everyone. Until next time!

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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