Day 31 of Self-Isolation: Finding Peace in the Stillness



Good Morning Friends,

I hope as we begin the new week you all are doing well. I pray that you’re happy, healthy, and adjusting to the new normal. For the past week or so I have completely tuned out the news on the pandemic. I had hit a point mentally where I couldn’t handle the daily ingestion of rising statistics, images of the deceased, and news stories of people going hungry around the world. I couldn’t handle the articles about panic buying and people now purchasing livestock, because they fear a global breakdown of the agricultural system. It all became too much.

So I turned off the news. I turned it all off.

I pulled out my very dusty boom box… (you remember those, right?) 😉 and I popped in a CD.

I danced around the house to the Backstreet Boys just as I did when I was 15. Only this time my tween daughter danced along side of me. It felt freeing. I was able to welcome in Easter and Spring with a clear head and a calm heart. I began to center my mind on the things I can control in the here and now, and it helped a lot.

I know this time of self-isolation is varying for everyone. I know we live in a time where fear waits just outside of our door, ready to cling to us like a shroud. But beyond the clouds there is sun. I was meditating last night over how fragile life is. No one is ready to pass on. No one wants to have life suddenly yanked from their hands. Yet, it happens. And so to cope with that fear of losing our health and precious time, we cherish the here and now. Instead of dwelling in the fear, we turn our attention to the joy that here and now…. you are alive. You have the chance to call your loved ones and say hello. You have the chance to express your love, and feel it in return. You have the time to sit with yourself and feel so tiny against this vast universe. We are all one drop in the pool of eternity.

What a beautiful thing it is to be a single story amongst the billions.

Every person that you’ve met, and whom you’ve yet to meet, will be impacted in some way by your existence. You are special and unique.

Today I challenge you to soak up every minute that you can. Spend your time with intention, and feel gratitude for being present in the moment. I challenge you to do one thing today that makes you smile. Yes, there is a pandemic floating around. But there is also this living, breathing planet full of creatures of every kind, just waiting for you to explore it. From the tiniest ant to the largest whale, everything is alive around you. Draw from that energy and strength that all really is okay. YOU are okay. Take a calming breath and be still with life flowing around you.

I’m here for you.

Until next time, my friends. Sending you so much love and positive vibes. ❤

~Kitten xx

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