Sex in Little Space, Part 1: Finding the Mindset for Sex in Little Space

Image: Art By Pugladyy

Good Evening Friends!

Happy Hump Day! Here on my blog, for the longest time I have focused on various aspects within the Cg/l lifestyle, including wholesome/ non-sexual Littles. I have tried to present both sides of the community: the non-sexual Littles and the Littles who associate their little space as a kink. But throughout my journey as an Adult Little, I have come to discover that there doesn’t need to be a division within our community. Instead, we can view sex in Little Space as just another way of expressing love while regressing. For some, yes this act of intimacy is a kink. For others it is not.

In this blog series I want to discuss various ways how sex in little space can feel rewarding and satisfying without feeling the attachment towards a label of “kink” or “wholesome”. This series is designed to break the barrier within the Cg/l community to remember that at the core of every Cg/l relationship there is love, trust, and loyalty. How we express our love and devotion to our dominant varies. This series is simply one way to share how sex in little space can be beautiful, rewarding, and engaging. Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in! ❀

I. Approach the Play Session with Intimacy:Β 

A long time ago I heard a pastor say that intimacy can best be described as, “into me see”. I love that phrase because whether you’re in little space or not, sex and intimacy is the space where you make yourself vulnerable. You engage on another level with your partner in a way that is sacred and trusting. When deciding to have sex in little space, I encourage you to keep intimacy at the forefront. You will be in a mindset of age regression and as such, you might feel vulnerable and small. Allow your dominant to guide you in this state of sensitivity. Welcome them to see into the most vulnerable parts of yourself as you connect body, mind, and spirit. Fill the play session with loving touches and even some tickles! πŸ˜‰ Bask in the love that you two share. It is in that space of pure, unconditional love that you will be able to remain in little space and enjoy yourself completely.

II. Matching Your Little’s Pace (Body, Mind, and Spirit):

One aspect about sex that I love so much is that you are stripped bare of any outside distractions. Through your body alone you connect with your partner on a level where you can feel their energy. You can gaze into their eyes and see the emotions shift upon their face. You can watch pleasure wash over them and relish that you created this moment together. It’s beautiful and special. Dominants, as you’re connecting with your little during sex, tune into their body. Focus on their breathing. Watch their facial expressions. Every little has different needs. Some like to go fast, while others like to take their time. Some littles love to chat naked in bed, while others prefer to have the perfect environment to set the mood. Still others want to be swaddled in a mound of plushies and blankets, while others want the cover of darkness to be intimate. Listen to your Little’s needs.

Remember that you are guiding them through the play session. In order to keep their mind free and relaxed to stay in little space, you will need to focus on their well-being at all times. Focus on their pleasure. (Trust me, they will be focusing on yours too πŸ˜‰ ). Create the best environment to have a successful, intimate play session together. The planning does pay off in the end. I promise!

III. Embracing Nudity While Feeling Small:Β 

Sex is a strange and funny thing when you’re doing it in Little Space. At first it can be intimidating, especially if you are completely and totally naked. You see, in the Cg/l community we often use “props” or clothing, toys, pacifiers, jewelry, etc. to get us in the head-space. But when you’re naked you don’t have any of those things to rely upon. You’re standing there in all your glory looking at every stretch mark, freckle, love handle, and wondering how on earth you’re supposed to feel little! You don’t “look” little in that moment. Believe me, I get it. I felt that way the first time I had “boomies” with The Captain while in little space.

To overcome this feeling of discomfort, I encourage you to begin exploring your naked body while in little space. If you’re struggling with self-image issues, you don’t need to have sex with your partner right away. Instead, try stripping down and exploring your bodies together. Slip into the mindset and then begin removing your clothing piece by piece. You might get a case of the giggles as you twist, squirm, and blush at your dominant! πŸ˜‰ You might switch into a onesie without panties, and unsnap the bottom to begin “testing the waters” of feeling light and airy down there. Know that it’s okay to move slowly as you grow comfortable with your nude form. Know that it’s okay to have reservations about stripping down in front of your partner, especially while you’re feeling small. If incorporating sex into your little space is a goal, be kind to yourself. Move at your own pace and know that your dominant will support you every step of the way. There should never, ever be any pressure to be intimate when you don’t want to… in little space or not! ❀

IV. Keeping the Moment Light and Playful:Β 

The last point I’d like to mention is that while sex is sacred, beautiful, intimate, rewarding, and satisfying, it can also be fun, flirty, happy, silly, and bubbly. After all, we’re talking about sex in little space. Generally speaking adult littles are people who enjoy feeling happy, light, free, and creative in their own version of little space. Caregivers/Dominants gravitate towards littles because we are happy, optimistic, talkative people who make others feel warm and fuzzy. We have tons of love to give, and enjoy taking care of those around us.

As you enter into a sacred, sexual space with your Little, keep things fun! Play around a bit with each other. Bring toys (with consent of course) into the mix that make you both happy. Allow yourself to fall deep into the Caregiver mindset as you nurture your little one through the wave of emotion and pleasure that sex brings. Savor the moment and take it all in. Find the method of foreplay that works for you both, (with the goal of keeping your little feeling happy and small), and go with it. Maybe it’s watching a Disney movie? (Disney + and Chill? πŸ˜‰ ). Maybe it’s getting down on the floor and playing with toys? Maybe it’s doing a hygiene routine that includes a bubble bath and full body massage? Whatever foreplay looks like for you two as a couple, do it… and have fun!

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here, and I will see you all back here for the next post in this series!

Much love,

~Kitten xx




  1. i really appreciate how much sensitivity you used in writing this. It is such a hard thing to know and be able to write about. You did such a nice job of explaining how we can be both sexual and non sexual, depending on our partner and current needs. Many hugs. i know this must have felt super vulnerable to write. ❀

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    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, Jade! That simply made my day! ❀ Yes, this topic of "Sex in Little Space" is a sensitive subject that I write slowly, with care and tact. It warms my heart that you noticed that through my writing. Big hugs right back to you, my friend! Have a fantastic Friday!! xx πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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