Sex in Little Space, Part 3: The Importance of Aftercare


Good Evening Friends,

Tonight I want to discuss aftercare. It’s that step that we all know to do, but never do we sit down and explain how to actually do it! This afternoon The Captain and I slipped away to our bedroom. After connecting together on every level I laid there post-orgasm and grinned at the ceiling. I wanted to write this post from a place of authenticity. I want to share how I, as an Adult Little, feel that other Cg/l couples like us could benefit from certain tips and tricks used in aftercare. It is my hope that this post gives you great information to use in your own relationships, and serves as a future resource for those who need it.

So, let’s talk about orgasms! Ahhh… orgasms. Getting off. “The Big Release”. Cumming. Whatever you want to call it, orgasms are a beautiful thing that happens to the body. From the moment that arousal begins the body warms all over. Physiological changes occur in the body during an orgasm. Emotions shift and chemical hormones are released. Once climax is achieved those sensations begin to settle, and it is in that moment where aftercare becomes critical. (We don’t want anyone experiencing sub drop ❤ ). Tonight we’re going to break down how you can re-center your Little, body, mind, and soul right after an orgasm occurs. Are you ready? Then, let’s dive in! 🙂

I. Re-Centering Your Little’s Body: 

As your Little is cresting over the peak of an orgasm, notice how their body has shifted. They are gulping in air. Their body is warm all over. Blood rushes to their princess/prince parts and all of a sudden they experience release. Sweet, unbridled release. If your Little is like me, then after an orgasm they may pant with a huge grin on their face for a moment or two. This is especially true if the orgasm is more intense. Begin by helping your Little focus on their breathing. Encourage them to take deep, calming breaths to slow down their heart-rate and relax from the orgasm. Next, focus on their hygiene. I cannot impress upon you enough the importance of keeping a “lovies/hygiene” kit by your bedside. If you have ejaculated in your Adult Little, please take a minute or two to use a diaper wipe and tenderly clean their princess parts. Your Little may be too wiped out and exhausted from a play session to hop in the shower immediately. Cleaning their private parts ensures that they won’t get an infection, and it will make them feel deeply loved at the same time.

A while ago a dominant friend of mine, (you know who you are 😉 ), once instructed me to drink a glass of water post-orgasm. Up until that point, while I have always been a big water drinker, I didn’t realize the importance of hydrating during aftercare. He made me drink a large glass of water right then and there. Instantly I felt re-energized and refreshed. Now it is a regular part of my aftercare that The Captain and I use, and I encourage you to do it too! Keeping your Little hydrated will also help them to pee after having sex and/or an orgasm. This is especially important to prevent getting a U.T.I. or other infections. Finally, embrace your Little in that moment of re-centering their body. Physical touch is a powerful tool to help ground and center a person’s body and mind. It can be as simple as a hug or snuggles. But touch your Little to give them reassurance that your love and guidance is there as they come down from their moment of bliss.

II. Re-Centering Your Little’s Mind: 

Caring for your Little in aftercare also means helping them to center their mind. Coming down from a strong orgasm can be intense both physically and mentally. Watch your Little’s body language as you experience this moment over and over again. Look for cues and patterns of behavior. See if your Little suddenly wants reassurance the moment that the orgasm is over. Perhaps your Little rides out the moment and busts out laughing? Watch how their emotions shift from the peak of orgasm to the decline afterwards. Your job in aftercare is to ensure that the decline is smooth and steady to help them reach their baseline. Use gentle words and eye contact to remain connected with your Little in the moment. Express your love and praise for them. This will help the transition into aftercare go more smoothly. (Note: The worst thing you can do to your partner post-orgasm is to roll away or get out of bed. Don’t do it! Trust me).

I encourage you to use these precious minutes in aftercare as a time to give your sub gentle commands. You can command them to open their thighs apart to be cleaned. By having them remain in the obedient mindset, you are giving a continuation of joy and service from the play session to the care afterwards.

III. Re-Centering Your Little’s Emotions: 

I think we’ve all had those moments where an orgasm is so powerful, and so intense that one minute you’re moaning with all of your might, to suddenly crying into your hands. Sex and orgasming can be extremely moving emotionally. Your job as the dominant is to ride that wave of emotion with your Little. Be there for them through every shift and feeling that surfaces in their mind. Strive to weave daily intimacy into your relationship so that way when you’re in these more intense moments, your Little feels safe enough to open up to you about their raw emotions. These are usually temporary, fleeting emotions that last for a few minutes before fading away. Your Little might feel so overcharged with serotonin and happiness that they can’t stop laughing. (Been there, done that! 🙂 ). Alternatively, they might feel so deeply connected to you in a moment of passion that they cry tears of joy. This is the beauty of sex, intimacy, and release. You’re seeing into the innermost parts of your partner. Cherish them completely.

Embrace those moments with sacred silence to give loving, unconditional support. You can simply sit in silence while holding your Little as they let out all of that emotion. Just having your touch and silent support is enough to be a pillar and anchor in the decline from the ecstasy. Lastly, always remember to remain kind. Your Little needs you to be understanding of whatever emotions bubble up in those moments of complete vulnerability. Demonstrate that you can provide stability, which will in turn allow them to be raw, real, and authentic with you in every moment.

IV. Giving Praise After a Play Session: 

I’d like to wrap up this post by reminding every dominant to give gentle praise during aftercare. Nothing makes a Little happier then when we hear, “Good Girl/Boy” from our dominant. Oh, how it makes our toes curl and sends tingles down our spine! It’s the ultimate praise. Imagine praising your little one for orgasming on your command? They would blush and grin from ear to ear, no doubt! Gentle, loving praise is an excellent way to transition from aftercare to the 4th and final step of every healthy play session: feedback! Ask your Little if they enjoyed the play session. What did they enjoy the most? What did they enjoy the least? (That’s an area of improvement for you to take a mental note).

This is also an excellent moment to provide reassurance to your Little if any feelings of embarrassment or shame surface. Squash any fears about the look of their “O face” or any other insecurity that they may have. Let the strength of who you are as a dominant shine. Your relationship will continue to blossom and grow as you nurture your Little each and every time. 🙂

Alright my friends, that’s it from me for this post. I hope you all enjoyed it. If you did, hit that like button and let me know. Smash that follow button if you’re new around here, and I will see you back here for the next topic!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

For further reading on aftercare, my dear friend Helen over at “Ten Shades and Me” also wrote on this subject. I encourage you to go give it a read! 🙂


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