Little’s Appreciation Day 2020! [Book Giveaway]

Littles Appreciation Banner

Good Morning Friends!

Happy Little’s Appreciation Day 2020!! Yes, today (April 23rd, 2020) is International Little’s Appreciation Day and today I am giving away THREE copies of my workbook for littles, “The DDLG Busy Book, Vol 1: 50 Activities for Little’s to Enjoy”. To see a full list of my published books, click here.


This DDLG workbook is designed for Littles within the Cg/l community. This workbook contains 50 activities to keep your Little occupied especially while riding in the car. Enjoy the quizzes, DDLG coloring pages, and more as you explore all of these activities designed for Littles by a Little.

You can check out the Amazon link to see a full preview of the workbook. 🙂

I want to giveaway three copies of my workbook because now is the time when we need activities the most to help us get into Little Space. We need activities that we can do safely indoors while under lock down. So, here’s to YOU, my friends! Keep on being your sweet, unique selves.

To get a copy of this book simply smash that like button on this post, and send me an email at: requesting a copy and I will be in touch with you right away! ❤ 

I hope you all have a wonderful day. Stay healthy, happy, and safe, and I will see you back here tonight for the next installment of the “Sex in Little Space” series.

Much love,

~Kitten xx


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