Monday Mini Motivation #4: In These Dark Times…

Monday Mini Motivation

Good Morning Friends,

Like you, today I woke up with no words. I felt quiet and still. My heart aches for the outcry of people everywhere. Today, as we begin a new week, I pray that the people in positions of power listen. I pray for the healing of those impacted by the pandemic. I pray for those who have lost loved ones. I pray for the businesses torn asunder by anger and violence. I pray for the police officers who are following orders, but who want to take a knee instead. I pray for the people who are brave enough to stand, chant, and cry out that racial inequality is never acceptable! I pray that between all the differences we have, and the various backgrounds we come from, that we remember that we all live on the same planet. You and I really aren’t that different. ā¤ You love and I love. You feel and I feel. You cry and I cry. You bleed and I bleed. May everyone’s voice be heard, acknowledged, and we learn to set aside judgement to view each other simply as human beings. Amen.

May this quote bring you healing and calm.

Much love,

~Kitten xx



  1. Beautiful words. And a beautiful tool to emphasise them with: that wonderful quote from Lord of the Rings. You’re going to make me go and watch every single movie. I swear you are.

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