Friendship Spotlight Friday: “The Curious Touch of Cupid’s Son” (Erotica)


Friendship Spotlight Friday

Good Morning Friends!

I hope you all have had a lovely week, and are moving into the weekend with a clear head and a calm heart. This week has been a beast for me, (as you all know), so I am looking forward to some quiet time to sit and unwind. Which brings me to today’s spotlight! Author Dave Diotalevi (@davediotalevi) reached out and generously provided me a copy of his latest work, “The Curious Touch of Cupid’s Son”, and I’m so glad that he did! This book is a must-have for anyone who enjoys a bit of naughty humor and fantasy rolled into one. Here is the premise of the book:


Orgasms. Women. Having orgasms. Shocking & unexpected. The mind-melting, hip-quivering kind–all just because they accidentally touched Karl. Karl, the human erotic taser.

Karl Sparks knows everything about love except how to fall in it.

He also doesn’t know who his mother is, doesn’t know who his father is, doesn’t know why he has an obsession to define love, and doesn’t know why he can’t get an erection–nope, never had one.

What he does know it that his touch–however slight or incidental–rockets any woman into the most intense and dizzying orgasm or her life, whenever and wherever it launches (a Midas-touch curse he would do anything to be rid of).

Happens 100% of the time–that is until he literally bumps into Aurora (Rory) Sky, who does know who her mother is (she thinks). Karl’s touch has no effect on her, and to her surprise, the unnatural ability she’s always owned of infallibly controlling men through her verbal commands fails to faze Karl.

Her presence does give Karl his first erection.

She, unable to trust any of the men she mystically dominates, and he who can’t touch women–shouldn’t these two misfits who only fit each other find romance? Fall in love? Get intimate? Become lovers?

They discover secrets about themselves and each other in a series of laughably lusty adventures to find the three pieces of The God Prism, a mythic relic capable of lifting their cursed abilities.

The unwitting lovers’ passion deepens until it’s ultimately tested by a selfless choice of sacrifice and devotion.

Intended for Mature (?) & Fun-loving Consenting Adults (18+).

It is my joy to put my kitten-stamp of approval on this book and encourage you all to go give it a read! It’s fun, it’s hilarious, and I know it will keep you hooked from the very start just as it did for me. Personally, I love how Dave writes the internal monologue of Karl. I felt connected to Karl and Rory throughout the story. Their powers as demigods kept me captivated and smirking throughout their journey. Karl has the power to give women an orgasm by simply connecting in skin-to-skin contact. Rory has the power to control people mentally to do her will. And yet, their powers don’t work on each other!

Imagine for a moment if all your life you had been able to control the people around you, and suddenly you meet a person in which you can’t. Sparks fly, tensions build, and you can feel the desire emanate between both characters. I’ll leave the intimate details for you to read and enjoy between these pages.

I hope you all hop on over and support Dave’s book. It’s a fantastic one! You can purchase it here for $2.99 USD on Kindle!

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone and happy reading!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

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