Coming Back to the Water [Poetry]


Everyday I come back to the water.

The steady, gentle lapping against my heart.

The place where I was made, and to where I shall return.

Like a selkie, my soul cries out to you to take away the word.


Peel the etching away from my heart.

But etchings are carved so deep.

Forged by time, patience, and a bond.

He scored his name upon my heart,

A place I gave away freely.

And now only the wind howls in the empty chamber.


I beg for your power to cleanse it away.

Take away the memories, the feelings, the dance we had.

Steal it from me, as so much has been stolen before.

Yet, in my heart I know that is not how water works.


I must stand here in patience,

Letting the water do its magical work.

I must stand in the quiet, and let go from a space of love.

Everyday the water does its wonders,

Rubbing against the name with a gentle touch.

The fragments of sand wear the name away little by little.


And all I can do is breathe.

Let the air of cleansing fill my lungs.

Let time and space seal the chapter away into the vault of my life.

One day it will be nothing more than a dusty tome.

For now, I cradle my beating heart with protective hands.

This time I am wiser.


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