Tiny Talk Tuesday #8: Jokes and Riddles for Littles!

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Good Afternoon Friends!

I hope you all are having a beautiful day. Today I’d like to change things up a little bit, and instead of giving you 5 questions to answer, I want to share 5 jokes to make you giggle! I hope you share them with the people you love, and keep on smiling. I’m here for you!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

*** For the answers to the jokes, scroll down to the bottom! ***

Joke #1: What do you call a submissive vegetable?

Joke #2: What do you give a sick lemon? 

Joke #3: Why did Darth Vader turn off one light? 

Joke #4: What do you call two monkeys sharing an Amazon account? 

Joke #5: Why do vampires seem sick?  

Are you ready for the answers….? 





Joke #1: A collard green! 

Joke #2: Lemon Aid

Joke #3: He prefers the dark side! 

Joke #4: PRIME-mates!

Joke #5: They’re always coffin!

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