Spotlight Interview: Get to Know My Friend Calli!


Good Evening Friends!

Over the past week I have been connecting with other fellow Cg/l people on Twitch. After meeting in the same stream room, hosted by Mr. Bones, I came across a wonderful little boy by the name of Callimaniac! Calli is a great guy with a kind heart who is looking for a wonderful Mommy out there. So, if you’re a mommy who is looking for a sweet baby boy, I encourage you to reach out to Calli via their socials (below) and connect up! These spotlights are such a fun way to get to know people, and to connect all of us in this beautiful community. I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend. Now, let’s dive into the interview!

Much love,

~Kitten xx

Online Name: Callimaniac

Age: I am twenty five years old.

How you identify within BDSM (dom, sub, switch, Little, etc.): Little, sub

How long you’ve been involved in the BDSM lifestyle: Several months.

Any social media URLs: ,

Relationship Status: (Single, Taken, Looking, etc.) Single, looking!

Preferred Pronouns: He, him.

Cg/l Questions:

Question 1: How did you first discover the Cg/l lifestyle? And when did you realize that you are a Little? Was there one defining moment in your life in which you knew that this was the path for you?

I first discovered the Cg/l community on a forum where those interested in the lifestyle gathered. I first attempted to be a caregiver myself but it doesn’t come naturally to me; it felt forced.

Question 2: When you look back at your childhood, do you incorporate anything into your Little Space activities that resonates from your youth? If so, please describe.

I have a few plushies that I like to cuddle with. I even have stories for them and pretend that they have their own desires and needs.

Question 3: What is one Cg/l or Little resource/site that you would recommend to other Littles that you enjoy?

One website I know of is . I’ve met a lot of littles and daddies there, but mommies are a bit hard to come by.

Question 4: What is your experience with being in a Cg/l relationship? What are some qualities that you feel dominants and caregivers (specifically) must have?

I’m not entirely sure as I don’t have much experience, but I believe a good sense of responsibility is important.

Question 5: Within the Little community there is a spectrum of sub-styles including (but not limited to): brats, Kittens, prince/princesses, baby girls/baby boys, adult babies, Middles, lolitas, babyfur’s, etc. How would you describe your Little side? And how did you come to realize your little style?

I think I would call myself a brat as I don’t always follow orders and I like to get at people, playfully though.

Question 6: In your personal life, are you “Out” as a Little to your closest friends and family? Why or why not? And, what would you say is the most difficult aspect about being a Little, and how do you tackle this issue?

The biggest problem is that I do not look like a little. People see me and they see a big ol’ sensitive bear, and the facial hair doesn’t help.

BDSM Questions:

Question 7: Many Littles incorporate age play into their Little Space. How do you feel about Cg/l being a kink for some people in the lifestyle?

I understand and support Cg/l as a kink; am also now interested in that myself xD

Question 8: On the opposite end of the Cg/l spectrum there are many Littles who identify as SFW or AgeRe Littles that are completely non-sexual. As such, they want nothing to do with the DD/lg side of the community. Do you feel that this division within the community is harmful or necessary, and why?

I believe these communities are necessary as everyone has needs that need to be met. As long as they’re met and everyone is happy, I see no problem with it.

Question 9: What are some of your other kinks, fetishes, that you feel comfortable sharing with us?

I am a furry xD

Question 10: What advice would you give to Littles or submissives new to the D/s lifestyle?

Develop your relationship with someone before diving into the submissive/dominant aspect of it.

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